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OKNO werd opgericht om in collectief aan een gedeelde visie te kunnen werken. Als groep ge?ngageerde kunstenaars bouwen we aan onze vreemde, ongedefinieerde discipline en ruimen we er plaats voor in het culturele landschap. We moedigen kunstenaars aan bij te dragen, maar daar houden we niet op. We zorgen voor de juiste ruimtes, diepen een selectie nieuwe idee?n uit, nodigen vernieuwers, iconoclasten, bruggenbouwers, onderzoekers en pragmatische theoretici uit, we zetten onze deuren open voor het publiek en we betekken het bij elke activiteit en elk programma. We vragen om interactie en antwoorden met een bijgestuurd project. In deze open geest maken we audiovisuele kunst zonder oogkleppen: interactief, genetwerkt, ecologisch, maatschappelijk, multidisciplinair, autonoom,... Kom kijken naar onze studio's, onze tuin en onze server! Geniet van een kopje koffie of thee en geef u over aan een intense oor- en oogmassage. Relax op ons dakterras in de schaduw van de antennes en laat u meevoeren op het zachte zoemen van de data...

OKNO was set up with the idea of a collective in mind. As a group of involved artists, we cannot but participate ourselves in the building up of our strange and unidentified discipline within the cultural environment. This means not only that there is a further need to encourage artistic contributions in that direction. It means a lot more: setting up appropriate spaces, researching selected new ideas, inviting other people who can advance things, attracting audience and involve them in each action or programme, questioning evaluation as time goes by, etc. Within this open spirit we make audiovisual artworks with an attitude: interactive, networked, ecological, environmental, multidisciplinary, self-organizing... Visit our studios, our garden, and our server! Enjoy a good coffee or tea, combined with agood massage for the eyes and ears. Sit in our rooftop garden, under the antennas, and let the data buzz around your head like little bees...



2009-22-2 14:00

Going around puredata, sharing patches, knowledge, a tea, or a beer, during the relaxed sunday afternoon for easy learning experience... more

tuesday march 03, 2009 – saturday march 07, 2009
Winter Camp is an event, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures and will take place 3-7 March 2009 in Amsterdam. Network Cultures Winter Camp will be a mix of presentations and work spaces with an emphasis on getting things done. It will be a four-day program of work spaces and plenary presentations, in which a dozen networks (each of which has 5-15 people) can work on their specific current topics.
As part of Upgrade!International, Okno will participate in this meeting.


OKNO is building a new site, so updates here are less frequent. We will put the new system in this location as soon as it is more or less stable... more

sunday january 25, 2009
OKNO kicks of the Pure Data Patching Circle which will take place every last sunday of the month. Pure Data is a free graphical programming environment for media... more

saturday january 17, 2009
realtime stream open in vlc mediaplayer

Archive of the stream : here (ogg file - read with vlc)

For it's anniversary this year, Art's going snorkeling in a series of intertubes deep under the surface of the digital ocean.

saturday january 10, 2009 – sunday january 11, 2009

We'll connect with friends in Bratislava for a bricolage session in hydrophonics... more

thursday december 18, 2008 – saturday december 20, 2008
okno, brussels
Politics of Change was a gathering in Brussels during a 3-day workshop arranged by so-on and hosted by okno, both cultural organizations composed of several members engaged in different aspects of the artistic creation. The call, made by the filmmaker and activist Annemie Maes, had different goals. One of them was to reflect on topics as gender and activism in the cultural field, another was the sharing of common technical tools to be used for sharing and spreading the word. One of the main issues we confront today as artists, thinkers and activists, is the fragmentation of our landscapes and the difficulty of access to mainstream media.

The artistic and cultural field remains a field where only a few actors achieve a mega status and become icons. Which strategy should be used to raise the number of multiplicators and create networks to get support and collaboration?The participants in the workshop came from different fields, writers, students, filmmakers, anthropologists, journalists, visual artists, economists, researchers.



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