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Okno is an interdisciplinary media center for art and technology in Brussels. It functions as a platform and umbrella organisation for code31.org mxHz.org and so-on.be

Okno supports artists that research, develop and create innovative forms of cultural production in the field of technology and media arts; and presents the processes and results of this research to a broad and diverse audience through a program of interactive installations, experimental concerts, performances, workshops and lectures.

Okno tends to be a physical and online meeting place for established and young artists, a platform for the development of collaborations and partnerships. The collaborative building of knowlegde and its transmission is at the core of all projects. They all focus on employing and deriving today's and future's technologies in a new and surprising way. The connection between art and science, between analog and digital media is explored in a continuous way.

Okno wants to encourage and initiate the participation of an artistically engaged audience, facilitating a dialogue with current forms of artistic practice. Therefore, we offer a virtual and physical public forum for artistic reflection on technological inspired media arts, and we promote a critical view on the cultural and aesthetic influences of mediatechnologies.

Okno positions itself as a junction in an international research-and presentation network for new media art. With national and international partners we work towards the presentation of international projects through connected online collaboration tools as live streaming and other digital media techniques.



The real story
An organisation is a concept. It is a structure you dream up and try out. You want to see if it could work out. Most of the time organisations are used in a consolidating way... more

The name okno comes from a lecture on word by Vasili Kamensky, a Russian futurist poet. The word okno (window) = O+K+N+O = space and matter (glass and wood + boundary of night + air = okno)

Okno/ so-on is a production and presentation unit focussing on art and new media. Its aim is to identify innovation and change in new aesthetical presentation techniques... more

Code31 is a weekly open studio for art and technology. Its a meeting place for alternative electronic artists setting up their own workshops and collaborative art projects... more

There are several ways of dealing with the evolution of technology as part of the creative expressions of our times. One way is to regard it as a historical process and investigate similarities and differences... more



okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940