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OKNO is dedicated to holding public events, where the output of projects can be confronted with the public and the essential feedback that this produces.
While in the past these events were structured in minifestivals (Public*), we have now moved to a more continuous approach with smaller events throughout the year.

OKNO hecht veel belang aan het organiseren van publieke evenementen. Door lopende projecten voor te stellen aan het publiek krijgen kunstenaars cruciale feedback.
Verschillende kleine events doorheen het jaar zorgen voor een continue, doorlopende interactie.



monday november 24, 2008 10am – wednesday november 26, 2008 10am
okno inside (when the brick leaves the vault)


Everyone welcome!

find the route description at okno.be and the streams at
qt.okno.be:8000/karassskam.sdp (quicktime)
stream.okno.be:8080/ (audio and video ogg/theora)

more info on hte project at karasssuite.net/



Performances en receptie: 26 November 19u, OKNO
Publieke werksessies: 24-25 November 10-12 &14-17u, OKNO

Symbiosis is a series of audiovisual performances that explores the links between image, sound, interaction and performance.
The goal of the series is to offer a platform to local and international, novice and experienced artists.

sunday october 28, 2007
okno, brussels
A small but flexible space, with an accessible terrace for outdoor events, grants us the right setting for developing our upcoming projects.
From its initial mission on OKNO wants to bring interesting phenomena in contemporary and experimental media under the attention of a broad audience. In addition to that it wants to develop new ways for creating, exhibiting and disseminating art. Art is a pars-pro-toto for culture. OKNO considers it constructed and constructable, and in constant (ex)change.

wednesday april 04, 2007 – saturday april 07, 2007
okno brussels
OKNO PUBLIC #03 is the result of the collaborative effort of different organisations, initiatives and artists. During 4 days it brings together people who have an interest in looking at new ideas for creative work, willing to question their own practices. We hope some are interested in working together after these days in a context where some network based artworks can be made, from different geographical and ideological places and from different content based approaches.

The program is structured along 4 thematic days with cross-overs, and consists of projectpresentations and public debates, workshops, performances and an installation.

Day 1: wednesday 4/4: Tales of a Connected City - (the last mile is the network)
Day 2 : thursday 5/4: on public space and sound practices
Day 3: friday 6/4: on the reinvention of everyday practices
Day 4: saturday 7/4: A = particles-waves-streams // B = the complexity of collaboration / b22f#4

Presentations, lectures, discussions, performances and installations by following partcipants: Alejandra Nunez Perez, Dusan Barok, Tapio Mäkelä, Sarah Washington, Knut Auferman, Magde Kobzova, Apo33, Masato Tsutsui, Jeroen Uytendaele, Justin Bennett, Arjen Keesmaat and of course so_on, code31, mxHz, society of algorithm, Jens Brand, Haraldur Karlsson, Barbara Huber, Todot Todoroff, e.a...


During public02, OKNO wants to research the roots of radio art. We put this into practice via workshops, 2way radioworks, collaborative and networked soundinstallations, live broadcasts of radio-art programs, lectures and performances.
To conclude the project, a week of brainstorms, collective writing and theoretical workshops will tear apart the question and statement "what after radio?", and turn all radioconcepts upside down.


“what if we treat everything that exists within the web of networked and non-networked creative artefacts, physical and non-physical people, actions and activities, as the material that makes up the creative artefact?”

A virtual organisation exploring long(er) term vision in culture/arts
or trying to realize one event on november 7th 2022 in Baku Azerbeidjan.
7 january 7 february 7 march 7 april 7 may 7 june 7 july 7 august 7 september 7 oktober 7 november 2077

each month at 7 pm

On line and in real life with actions statements-chats-streams... more

Random discussions, presentations, lectures and performances at and sometimes by okno.


wednesday january 17, 2007 8pm
okno & worldwide
OKNO celebrates the 1000.044th anniversary of our dearest friend Art.
Art couldn't be his illustrious self without inviting some of his friends and disciples.
With the help ofRéseau Citoyen and SilenceRadio.org we join an intergalactic network of friends and strangers performing around the world.

Miniature solar systems, poetic soundscapes, artificial minds and voices, lamp radios on steroids and a sonic vortex make up our audiovisual labyrinth of the evening.

Birthday cake, fusion food and plenty of drinks are arranged to tantalize our other senses.

saturday january 14, 2006
okno -- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 -- 1080 brussels -- belgium
OKNO will participate to the celebration of Art's Aniversary 2006, this in memoriam to Robert Filliou who declared on January 17 1963 that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a pail of water... more

sunday january 16, 2005 8.30pm
Sunday january 16 from 8.30pm on Code31 joined the last of the Anatomix/Waag Amsterdam in a connected performance between Amsterdam, Prague, Brussels, Bratislava, Tokyo, Budapest, New York, ... more

friday april 27, 2007 6pm – friday april 27, 2007 9pm
riga, brussels, ljubljana, bratislava, berlin, orleans, a.o.
RTX is networked sound performance event, taking place online on April 27th, from 18.00 CET (19.00 EET) - 21.00 CET.

Sound artists from various countries and Xchange network were invited to contributed their audio art works in relation to "radio towers", "antennae" and "waves" thematics... more

sunday january 13, 2008 – wednesday january 16, 2008
okno, brussels --- residency, performance and installation

Opening performance january 13th 16h00
First run of the exposition from january 13th to 16th, 14h to 18h (further dates to be announced)

okno... more

thursday january 17, 2008 8pm
OKNO celebrates Art's 1000.045th Anniversary!

What is a birthday without a birthday song? Based on an original idea by the French artist Robert Filliou, we contribute to this year's Art's Birthday with a radio opera, connecting Bratislava, Brussels and Tokyo in a worldwide celebration... more

friday february 29, 2008 8.30pm
okno, brussels
live-stream: stream.okno.be:8000/gregory_whitehead.m3u
recording afterwards: okno.be/streaming_media/audio/2008/gregory_whitehead.mp3

Gregory Whitehead is an internationally renowned audio artist, writer, director and producer of well over one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures. His productions have won numerous major awards, including a Prix Italia for Pressures of the Unspeakable, a Prix Futura for Shake, Rattle, Roll and Sony Gold Academy Awards for The Loneliest Road and No Background Music, featuring Sigourney Weaver. He also performs frequently in literary cabarets and media festivals, as well as live-to-air.

For his performance at OKNO, Writing On Air, he will invite us on a journey through twisted tongues and prosthetic voices, fungal language, the global screamscape, a brief seminar of the proper facial expression for catastrophe, the song of a disembodied knee, radio philosophy and other essential audio ephemera. For more info, you can hear wigged theory at gregorywhitehead.com.

thursday december 18, 2008 – saturday december 20, 2008
Politics of Change is een project dat artistieke research doet naar grassroots gemeenschappen die op innoverende wijze duurzame veranderingen bijdragen aan onze maatschappij. Een multimedia archief-installatie documenteert op extensieve wijze deze nieuwe formats op sociaal, educatief en ecologisch gebied aan de hand van films, foto's, interviews en andere informatie.
PoC is een collaboratief project waaraan kunstenaars, activisten en theoretici als gelijkgestemden samenwerken. Vertrekkend vanuit een breed artistiek en theoretisch veld willen we nieuwe en duurzame relaties onderzoeken tussen de mens, zijn leefwereld en technologie, met een focus op de rol van de vrouw.

english version below
thoughtsandtalks.so-on.be -- all info

saturday january 10, 2009 – sunday january 11, 2009

We'll connect with friends in Bratislava for a bricolage session in hydrophonics... more

saturday january 17, 2009
realtime stream open in vlc mediaplayer

Archive of the stream : here (ogg file - read with vlc)

For it's anniversary this year, Art's going snorkeling in a series of intertubes deep under the surface of the digital ocean.

tuesday march 03, 2009 – saturday march 07, 2009
Winter Camp is an event, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures and will take place 3-7 March 2009 in Amsterdam. Network Cultures Winter Camp will be a mix of presentations and work spaces with an emphasis on getting things done. It will be a four-day program of work spaces and plenary presentations, in which a dozen networks (each of which has 5-15 people) can work on their specific current topics.
As part of Upgrade!International, Okno will participate in this meeting.



okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940