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just OKNO

Random discussions, presentations, lectures and performances at and sometimes by okno.



saturday september 23, 2006
happy new ears [festival for new music], kortrijk, belgium
The actual so-on_research is directed towards realtime synthetic speechgeneration in interactive installations. The treatment of language as sound, and sound as language. From noise to voice and vice versa.
The NoToVo-project (noise to voice) is a physical/digital platform, developed together with sukandar kartadinata (tesla, berlin) and johannes taelman (gent) [sensordesign], edo paulus (bumpersound, amsterdam) [max-environment], billy bultheel (sonology, den hague)[soundprocessing] and annemie maes (so-on,brussels) [concept, texts, phonemes&sound processing].

saturday november 11, 2006 7.30pm
Experimental space Roxy/NoD, Dlouhá 33, Praha
Steina and Woody (The Vasulkas) are among the principal actors of international avant-garde art. Steina, originally from Island, was trained as violinist... more

saturday december 09, 2006 – saturday december 16, 2006
recyclart, brussels
Altitude 1000 - Brussels Sonic and Visual Arts - focuses on Brussels based artists who combine sound and image in a peculiar way: from vj's to media artists, from performance artists to installation makers. Altitude 1000 takes this fragmented Brussels audiovisual landscape as its starting point and aims to make the diversity of the Brussels scene visible.
Okno participates with an installation, two performances and an artist presentation

Core Audio visited the 20th edition of the Transmediale festival and Club Transmediale in Berlin. This year’s edition ran under the theme ‘unfinish!’.
On this page you can read their complete review, including pictures and interviews:


:: okno / network meetings ::
:: date : 12.07.07 13.07.07 ::
:: location : okno HQ, koolmijnenkaai 30-34, 4th floor, 1080 BXL ::
:: okno.be ::

// the first session has ended, some pictures by psi36 here:

This summer, okno (code31, so-on, réseau citoyen) will take a look at artistic networks.
In a series of meetings, we share our research and collaborate in hands-on experiments with wireless technology.
Whether you're a visual artist, writer, musician, coder, hardware developer or just have a keen interest in wireless networks, we would like to invite you to come over and join us.

sunday october 28, 2007 3pm – sunday october 28, 2007 4pm
OKNO, La Maison de la Creation, RTT, L'Ecurie
Connected performance over the Reseau Citoyen network for as part of the Radiophonic Festival and OKNO's opening.
Three locations pass their sounds onto eachother over the network, manipulating the sound chain to a location specific performance.
@OKNO: Isjtar
@Maison de la Creation: Stéphanie Laforce et Bruno Devuys
@RTT: 24 musicians 24 hour tone

We've been questioning our spatial habits and decided to move to a new, more functional and focused space in the same compound.
Our endless urge to redefine and reconfigure OKNO has led us to let go of old spaces granting us a new focus more inline with our upcoming projects.

friday october 26, 2007 – sunday october 28, 2007
radiophonic festival brussels
okno new space, brussels
The PeopleDatabase archive is considered as a meeting place for discourse, ideas and action.
The leading thread is the collection of passport photographs. Used as a mirror, they provoke an answer given by artists, philosophers, musicians, writers and other interested participants.
The archive is considered as a social structure for cultural exchange, and questions the interdisciplinary investigation between multiple participants.
For the Radiophonic Festival, Annemie Maes proposes a series of 10 remixes out of the People Database. New York soundscapes create the background for contributions by the new york poet Kristin Prevallet. Her 'spoken word' reflections are infiltrated by viruses and as such the original texts and language will be slowly transformed.

with Guy Van Belle (BE), Violet (US), Esther Venrooy (NL), Alberto Gaitán (US)

"Well, if you had a disturbance both about your work and about your daily life, what would you do?" (John Cage)

Disturbance is a temporary change in environmental, societal or personal conditions that causes a pronounced change in a system. Disturbances can have profound immediate effects on these systems and can, accordingly, greatly alter its surroundings. Because of their impact, the effects can continue for an extended period of time.
Sound in itself is a disturbance that propagates through matter as a wave. It activates us to hear things that we were formerly not aware of and can deeply affect our understanding. Four artists have worked around a particular event that has caused a pronounced change in their personal and/or professional life and transmitted this disturbance through sound.

friday november 28, 2008 2pm – saturday november 29, 2008 8pm

Interactive visual installation during the Cimatics Festival.

PAD.MA   more   print
tuesday november 18, 2008
OKNO inside
en] PAD.MA - short for Public Access Digital Media Archive - is an online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not finished films... more

tuesday november 18, 2008
OKNO inside
[en] Givan Bela and Isjtar try to poke holes into the Karasss-database for an experimental performance.
They look for the limitations and possibilities of databases for performances and how to creatively exploit them... more

thursday november 20, 2008
Maison de la Creation Laeken
Catatonic State Society, a sound performance by Isjtar.
Now in open source flavour!

In the Catatonic State Society, all members live in a state of reduced consciousness... more

friday december 19, 2008
Unhappy with their wavy sonorous life, after a brief detour over Piksel08, Catatonic State Society takes on it's visual appearance.




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