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so-on (jp, pronounce souon) -- -- __ --- __ --- -- __ --- __
solid-borne noise // undesired sound // unwanted sound // uproar // vocal noise.

[so-on] is an ever changing group of artists and curators, working with image, sound and technology.
In their projects they focus on the transversal field of installations, performances and audio-visual compositions.
The aim of so-on is to identify innovation and change while developing artistic projects, and focus on new aesthetical presentation techniques.
New technology including internet as a medium for performing, is predominantly present in the exhibitions, installations, lectures and connected performances.

[so-on] is initiated by annemie maes (brussels) working closely together with multiple collectives and artists in belgium and abroad.
As curator and core-member of okno, [so-on] is strongly involved in the artistic production and presentation of the okno.be public program and xmedk.be and other okno-workshops.

The archives of previous projects can be found on:



synthetic speech combining litterature and philosophy through voice networks and machine aesthetics
NoToVo is a researchproject on synthetic speech and spatialization. As a generative sound installation it plays with a connected set of elements. It's composed of dissonant synthetic voices, changing in realtime from speech to sound.



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