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okno public03

wednesday april 04, 2007 – saturday april 07, 2007
okno brussels
OKNO PUBLIC #03 is the result of the collaborative effort of different organisations, initiatives and artists. During 4 days it brings together people who have an interest in looking at new ideas for creative work, willing to question their own practices. We hope some are interested in working together after these days in a context where some network based artworks can be made, from different geographical and ideological places and from different content based approaches.

The program is structured along 4 thematic days with cross-overs, and consists of projectpresentations and public debates, workshops, performances and an installation.

Day 1: wednesday 4/4: Tales of a Connected City - (the last mile is the network)
Day 2 : thursday 5/4: on public space and sound practices
Day 3: friday 6/4: on the reinvention of everyday practices
Day 4: saturday 7/4: A = particles-waves-streams // B = the complexity of collaboration / b22f#4

Presentations, lectures, discussions, performances and installations by following partcipants: Alejandra Nunez Perez, Dusan Barok, Tapio Mäkelä, Sarah Washington, Knut Auferman, Magde Kobzova, Apo33, Masato Tsutsui, Jeroen Uytendaele, Justin Bennett, Arjen Keesmaat and of course so_on, code31, mxHz, society of algorithm, Jens Brand, Haraldur Karlsson, Barbara Huber, Todot Todoroff, e.a...

the third edition -okno public#3- will take place from 4->7 april 2007 in Brussels

okno offers a virtual and physical public forum for reflection on technologically-inspired media arts. We tend to be a physical and online meeting place for artists, and want to facilitate a dialogue on current forms of artistic practice with an creatively engaged audience. We want a form of media art that is digital, collaborative and networked, interactive and realtime, performative and shared, indivisible in its audio-data-visual output.
The cultural and aesthetic influences of media technologies will be critically discussed in the context of an alternative festival setup. The processes and results of artistic research will be presented in a program of round table discussions, performances, experimental concerts, interactive installations and workshops.



The network as truly social : your neighbours stay your neighbours.
A look at local mesh networks: what makes the difference between connected places and non-connected ones... more

on public space and sound practices

Tapio Mäkelä, Justin Bennett, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann.
Moderated by Annemie Maes and Dusan Barok... more

Apo33 , Barb Huber , Alejandra Perez Nunez
Moderated by Tapio Mäkelä, chat moderated by Givanbela

We will gather ideas around creativity and the reinvention of social practices... more

Can our networks become a new playground where we can meet to show-and-tell, invent, share and toy around with creativity till it becomes something to admire while there, and wonder about later... more

participations and contributions of participants, presenters, fascilitators, artists on oknopublic03.
it's a place to continue discussions and collaborations. keep us updated with news about your work, reflections on your experiences during the 'public03', things you liked and disliked, inspiring ideas for future meetings, artistic off-springs ... etc.

reflect on growing networks, artist-run organisations, the definition of 'collectives' and the meaning of "space" in media-art.
this is a growing section (of collaboration)

wednesday april 04, 2007 – saturday april 07, 2007
okno brussels
During our Public mini festival, we present nocturnal performance sessions related to the discussions of the day.
Every evening performances start around 21h and will continue to about 23h, there will be no performance on thursday... more

wednesday april 04, 2007 – saturday april 07, 2007
okno, brussels

This is oknopublic#3 ever growing reader

Stars, meshes, grids: urban network-images and the embodiment of wireless
infrastructures (June 2006)
Adrian Mackenzie

observing the structure of a network

Sometimes technology can be a source of inspiration for developing practices beyond the technological realm. This can be symptomatic of our discontent with technique and of the question of how can we make our tools express the dynamics of the people involved in their development and use?

For the third OKNO public, we'll take a somewhat different approach.
We take a more receptive angle as a source of inspiration and collaboration towards a larger project in the fall... more

- Tapio Mäkelä
- Givan Bela
- Isjtar
- Masato Tsutsui
- Ivan Markoff and olivier
- Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann
- Justin Bennett
- Alejandra Perez Nunez
- Apo33 (Sophie Gosselin and Julien Ottavi)
- Dusan Barok
- Magde Kobzova
- Barbara Huber
- Haraldur Karlsson
- jens brand
- Pieter Heremans
- Jeroen Uyttendaele
- Arjen Keesmaat
- Annemie Maes
- Gert Aertsen
- ianthe
- B22F online participants



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