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day 2: 05/04/07

on public space and sound practices     print
on public space and sound practices

Tapio Mäkelä, Justin Bennett, Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann.
Moderated by Annemie Maes and Dusan Barok.

This day we'll examine and discuss meshed networks in public space. Artistnetworks reappropriate public space by means of sound, and comment and annotate public space by soundtags. Can we speak of hybrid transmission spaces? Do these mobile modes of exchange provoke new creative practices?

- introduction of the topic and link to day 1
- presentation 1 (justin bennett) 30 + 30 minutes discussion
- presentation 2 (mobile-radio.net) 30 + 30 minutes discussion
- presentation 3 (translocal radio workshops & polar circuit workshops) 30 + 30 minutes discussion
- general Q&A on the (possible) implementation/mapping/running of public space sound projects on/to wireless community networks (links to day1)

Translocal radio workshops develop hybrid radio and media art practices in two locations in the Barents Sea region. Inter-connected artist led workshops in Kirkenes (No) and Murmansk (Ru) bring together media and sound artists and community groups to develop content locally. The work is presented through public events and temporary listening environments as well as through Internet radio and temporary FM. Translocal radio workshop series is developed by media artist Tapio Mäkelä (Fi) in collaboration with Pikene på Broen in Kirkenes and artist collective led by Maria Rusinovskaya in Murmansk, and other partners.

Concept: islands As a next step from Polar Circuit workshops (97-00) and tangential Solar Circuit workshop (02), Concept: islands workshop aims to create an intimate and networked environment for 10-12 people per one Baltic Sea island to concentrate on brainstorming, collaborative and individual Current Projects or writing. Starting with the theme of sustainability and ecology, the project looks for proposals in the form of workshops, Current Projects or new thematic islands. Local islands will be networked both tech wise and social, dinner wise. After initial development, the project will be realized on-site either in the summer of 2007 or 2008.

Justin Bennett is an artist and composer working with sound and visual media.
"Noise Map" is a project which collects recent work.
The book contains drawings, photography and documentation of soundworks, as well as essays on noise, Musique Concrete, field recording, sound installation, the correspondences between music and architecture and between sound and image.
The CD samples the vibrations of the real world using field recordings. Sometimes the field recordings are untreated, sometimes they simply form a template for generating an otherwise completely electronic piece.
Either way, the act of recording, of listening intently to the world is the seed from which the CD is grown. The growing process takes place within a virtual space in software; at the same time the compositions concentrate on the way these sounds fill and alter real acoustic spaces when played over loudspeakers. The real world from the past is filtered and mapped onto the listening space here-and-now in different ways in each piece.

Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann talk about the radio lives and works that have been encountered by in their last one and a half years on the road around Europe. Working in more than a dozen countries and meeting people from all over Europe, visiting their projects, doing workshops and participating in radio conferences, festivals and live-to-air events, has give these 'radio gypsies' a unique overview of the state of experimental radio activity across Europe today. In this presentation they will also give you a taste of their own approach to radio production, and demonstrate how their ongoing enthusiasm for the medium allows them to develop singular radio events in cooperation with others.



Tapio Mäkelä is a researcher and a media artist based in Helsinki, Finland.
He has recently been researcher as part of a Finnish Arts Council and Academy of Finland funded project, USED, based at HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) and m-cult, Finnish Centre for New Media Culture... more

Sarah Washington works in the fields of experimental music, electronic instrument building and radio. She has been a cultural worker for many years in London, a Director of the London Musicians' Collective and long-term management member of the radio station Resonance 104... more

Justin Bennett is an artist and composer working with sound and visual media. While living in Sheffield in the 1980's he colllaborated with bands such as Hula, TAGC, and Fabricata Illuminata... more


thursday april 05, 2007
okno, brussels

thursday april 05, 2007
okno, brussels



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