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day 3: 06/04/07

on the reinvention of everyday practices     print
Apo33 , Barb Huber , Alejandra Perez Nunez
Moderated by Tapio Mäkelä, chat moderated by Givanbela

We will gather ideas around creativity and the reinvention of social practices. We will explore how the interest in the transformation of society can initiate the reinvention of practices that become conceived as tactical. In the Practice of Everyday Life Michel de Certeau emphasizes the particular status of ways of using and operating in the social practice or "everyday practice". He differentiates between strategies: the tools of the powerful and tactics: the art of the weak. In this meeting we will be reflecting upon various approaches.

Apo33 will present their work on sound and social interventions, such as the Ecos festival, a meeting on sound, technology and sustainable practices realized in La Maison Radieuse in Nantes. They will also speak about their micro media workshops and experiments that connect DIY practice to collaborative learning and interventions.

Barb Huber will speak of her work in the social movements including Info-@-Police the practical anarchy initiative , a library and reading room focusing on the anti-authoritarian movement in Slovakia and elsewhere. Infoapolice is not tactical in the sense of the tactical media crew. When talk about tactics in social approaches - can we call a kind of alternative library a tactic? It may become a tactic through the use you are making of it but not by itself alone only by its existence. Hannah Arendt said that politics can just happen, when people come together, think together and talk to each other. and through this other tactics evolve. infoapolice is a kind of room like that but to understand it we need to include things like PGA (people's global action) because info-@-police is more a space that is tuning in a broader social thing through other initiatives and approaches.


Alejandra Perez Nunez a.k.a. elpueblodechina will discuss the usage of networks of sound and text as social interfaces. She will present her research in progress on automatic indexation of text collections that she has been developing for texts written and gathered by groups working with the ESF (european social forum).



friday april 06, 2007
okno, brussels



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