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radio tower xchange

networked sound performance event     print
friday april 27, 2007 6pm – friday april 27, 2007 9pm
riga, brussels, ljubljana, bratislava, berlin, orleans, a.o.
RTX is networked sound performance event, taking place online on April 27th, from 18.00 CET (19.00 EET) - 21.00 CET.

Sound artists from various countries and Xchange network were invited to contributed their audio art works in relation to "radio towers", "antennae" and "waves" thematics.

The main live stream will be provided by the RIXC from Riga, featuring artists' contributions by Martin John Callanan (UK), Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (DE), Horia Cosmin Samoila / Spectral Investigations Collective (FR), Nils Edvardsson (SE), Superfactory(TM) (DE/LT), Martins Ratniks and Clausthome (LV), rx-tx (SI) and others.

In parallel, there will be live streams from Bratislava, Brussels (provided by OKNO), Orleans (by Ellipse and ) and pre-recorded contribution from Ljubljana (by Projekt Atol).



Radio Tower Xchange is the closing event of the WAVES project, which was collaboratively implemented by the RIXC (LV), OKNO (BE), TESLA (DE), ELLIPSE (FR), PROJEKT ATOL (SI) and PERFORMING PICTURES / INTERACTIVE INSTITUTE (SE) during 2006-2007... more

BRUSSELS - stream, provided by OKNO)
-Annemie Maes (so-on.be) will mesh an audio network of remote-sensing earth-spotting on micro/macro level.
The intimate sounds of a micro biosphere will influence and modify a satellite trip around the world on the speed of Jens’ Brand Beeliner (g-turns.com) that provide us with audioscans of the earthsurface.
- code31 will set up a local audio-streaming network with their students
- Alejandra Perez Nunez, will work with kristalradio sounds
BRATISLAVA - stream:
Society of Algorithm is playing a double concert for the Wave / Radio Towers program. The combination of computers, algoritmic approaches and internet based technology can be used by an artist in an inventive way to create change in daily life, and provoke the current politicised industrial selling of virtual and real machines for maintaining balance in society. By reconfiguring the topology in which broadcasting is dismantled, and altered into a distributed transceiver apparatus, former concepts like radio and tv are set free and become independent again. Society of Algorithm considers this a new material and wants to experiment with its possible use and affordances in art.




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