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okno opens season 2007/08 in a new space!

sunday october 28, 2007
okno, brussels
A small but flexible space, with an accessible terrace for outdoor events, grants us the right setting for developing our upcoming projects.
From its initial mission on OKNO wants to bring interesting phenomena in contemporary and experimental media under the attention of a broad audience. In addition to that it wants to develop new ways for creating, exhibiting and disseminating art. Art is a pars-pro-toto for culture. OKNO considers it constructed and constructable, and in constant (ex)change.

network performance: I'm sitting under an antenna
okno - sunday 28/10 from 15h to 16h

As part of the Radiophonic festival and the opening of the new space, OKNO presents I'm sitting under an antenna.
Four locations connect over the free wireless network Reseau Citoyen. They form a sonic link, streaming their sounds to one another, performing together on the rhythm of the network.
For OKNO, Isjtar researches virtual cities, that grow and pulse, perturbated by the other parts of the chain.
At Maison de la Creation Stéphanie Laforce and Bruno Devuyst improvise on sonorous objects for an electroacoustical performance. Their performance will only be available online.
At the old RTT building, a group of musicians holds a single tone for three days, 24 hours a day.
At the Brigitinnes, Givan Bela and Ivan Markoff mix and present the project in realtime. Concept and production by Annemie Maes, Olivier Meunier and David Kowalkowski.

peopledatabase slowscan transmission
okno - sunday 28/10 from 15h to 19h

The peopledatabase is an online meeting place for artists, philosophers, musicians, writers and other interested participants. The archive, composed of hundreds of passport photographs, is used as a mirror. It provokes an answer given by the multiple collaborators. Initiated in 2000, it is considered as a growing social structure for cultural exchange.
For the Radiophonic festival, so-on/collective proposes a series of new readings out of the People Database. New York soundscapes create the background for the poems by the new york writer Kristin Prevallet. Her contributions are infiltrated by virusses and as such the original texts and language will be slowly transformed.
Stream & radio:
www.radiopanik.org/ecouter/ and radio panik 105.4 FM
The peopledatabase will be on display in slowscan–transmission-mode during the opening of the new OKNO space on sunday october 28th. Slowscan television is a picture transmission method which makes a picture visible for a few seconds. It’s used mainly by amateur radio operators to transmit and receive static pictures via radio. A realtime reading of the full database will link the slowscanned passport images to the online contributions,thus creating an onsite/online experience.
Info peopledatabase: so-on.be/?id=752
Make your online contribution to the peopledatabase: so-on.be/?id=736

screenbased concrete
okno - sunday 28/10 from 15h to 19h

Screenbased Concrete is a technical experiment initiated by Pieter Heremans.
The properties of physical space get analysed due to a projected sequence of bit maps. This analysis of geometrical settings of objects is used to map projections on existing/real/build 3D structures and researches as such the evolution of surface textures towards a projected image. Reality is modelled into a new perception.



sunday october 28, 2007
okno, brussels



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