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sunday june 01, 2008
34-sk, okno-brussels

Since Okno is currently working on a programme about community networks, mesh networks and ecological technology, we are participating in the next issue of 34.sk [theme "telematic networking / imaginary broadcasting / experimental mobility"], investigating possibilities for new critical productions.

For this purpose I proposed a section on structural-institutional culture/art critique, but in a varied and broad sense. This to avoid too long theoretical divertations and rather concentrate on practice. Also we use culture and arts inappropriately as synonymously, with a strong contextual and social level.

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before|after|poetika [an introduction only] guy van belle (for mxhz.org)

realizing the other day that sitting here and talking to someone about a subject, and also thinking about sound and patching it up in a little sound machine (most of the time ending up with something different than the initial idea) is far easier both than switching this computer on and tapping in a consistent and understandable text... more

At some point it will become necesary to formulate a poetics of how a new connected art can be realized. Also, it is needed to describe along which lines it can evolve... more

in the 21st century no one will be equal but choices between different things will be radically reduced in a gracious unity of all contradictions due to auto-referencing turning everything and everyone into a synonym... more

tuesday april 10, 2007
Okno public brought together a good mix of practitioners into a flexibly moderated set of talks, discussions and performances. During the workshop I was left thinking about the distance created by an investment of value into technology as a source, not the site of expression, communication and construction of meaning... more

Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking
Nicolas Collins
Routledge, 2006
ISBN 0-415-97592-1

As a preliminary remark and before we take a closer look at Nicolas Collins' recent book "Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking", we must admit that there are very few works dealing with technological art that can combine successfully the artistic and the technical/technological... more

Ecoradio: reviewing a radio/production, eco-logical, illogical, sorcerers apprentices.

Linking eco and radio production, we can look at it from different angles, rerouting, quoting, recycling, researching, replaying, alternating: build up/reduction.
‘Eco’ first had to do with the Greek home and evolved out of reduction, eco: less of something… It also talks of recycling, of using again and again, in another dimension. An extra out of a different potential, phantas(ma)tic, specter like, in another space/time, out of this time

tuesday may 29, 2007
bratislava, may 29, 2007.

Over the last years there is a growing involvement of the social and cultural sector in education. But this puts us in front of a large number of questions, which are not always obvious and maybe cannot be answered easily, since the situation in which this alternative, or out-of-school learning is organized is a complex one... more

1. for a society of algorithm by the society of algorithm

Like stated in the original pamphlet by the society of algorithm in 2002,
we criticized and are criticizing a scientific, social and mostly
cultural-artistic blindness for the achievements of more than half a
century of socio-technological developments... more


so-on : there’s a devil in the looking glass!

Working with research : that’s the aim of Looking Glass. Through open-studios and synthesis techniques investigate new aesthetical presentation techniques... more

thursday september 15, 2005
nadine brussels
Guy Van Belle: You all know that I am involved in very different things?
Maybe it is interesting to look at the way people in the electronic arts work in general-because I am not an exception to that... more

Each technology constitutes a specific apparatus. Each apparatus permits a different relation of the artist to the tool, a different texture of image and sound, a different production of meaning, a different perception in space and time, a different relation to the spectator. No hierarchical evaluation is conceivable among these different tools.

De computer als elektronische machine heeft het kunstwerk tot een dynamisch en interactief systeem gemaakt waar toeschouwer en kunstwerk tot één systeem samensmelten... more

We are very happy to announce that the .x-med-a. publication is now online, free for download, sharing, printing, but most of all, for your browsing, reading and viewing pleasure... more



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