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the will to connect (against save as...)

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At some point it will become necesary to formulate a poetics of how a new connected art can be realized. Also, it is needed to describe along which lines it can evolve.

So here we begin: for uncertainty and vagueness to allow multiplicity and openness. Against the narrative figurative and for the experimental abstract. Not for an audience but for the involved participants in the aesthetical action.

From the simplicity of one algorithm put into a network topology, to the complexity that develops over time again into simplicity. Back and forth. And back again. No reductionalism. With the technical as its sole subject against the forced representation within a familiar theme or a consistent content.

Away with the format and do concentrate more on the relation between objects. No random no sequencing no sampling no noise. F

or the construction of a machinic perception, through analysis that leads to realtime synthesis. The output alters the input again and again. Loops have at each turn a different length. Time is not to be chopped up in recognizable units.

Each logical construction is to become a lyrical expression but does not fit an historical representation. No imitation but originality and uniqueness on all levels.

Individualism can only be allowed if it reinforces the collective and collaborative expressivity. The individual does not exist in seclusion.

So, against sedimentation and stability and for mobility in thinking, communicating and creating. Why don't we forget where we were born and where we were raised and do never sing in your mother tongue.

No pure art. No functional art. No need for signs, rhetorics, the grammar they taught you to use: they were mere slogans made for blinding and stuffing our ears.

A gainst all unconnected objects. For active and open spaces. For a self-directed art. For a self-organizing art.

For kropotkin's mutual aid. For tony conrad's rapture. For the formulation of a poetics as a political act. It will change the way we look, hear and feel. It will change the way we use our existing cultural artefacts and why we are making new things. It will change everyone's aesthetics.

Support reality tv soaps and series, it is the first step in making former media neutral and later on obsolete. Promote the appropriation of digital media by the masses. It will prepare a society for the great abstract and experimental leap forwards.

Into a connected art. No further references to the existing and to the past. That is too easy. A new aesthetics for a society that does not need us yet. For a society that does not exist yet.

Make a new temporary commissariat of enlightment and repopulate it every day.
Against save as...




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