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about code31

Code31 is a weekly open studio for art and technology. Its a meeting place for alternative electronic artists setting up their own workshops and collaborative art projects. A research- and development place where people come to produce hard- and software related works. Main goal is the open-studio : a weekly meeting, creating a location where artists can experiment & develop feasability of their media-art, to teach/learn/develop new technologies.
Interested are free to join the weekly sessions. Question and answer, problem posing/-solving and development are researched & shared with fellow artists/designers/engineers.



Code31 is een open studio voor onderzoek, ontwikkeling en discussie rond technieken en denkwijzen in de media-kunst. Het is een initiatief dat de uitwisseling stimuleert tussen kunstenaars uit verschillende disciplines en de nodige ruimte biedt om te experimenteren met nieuwe technologieen... more



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