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in the 21st century no one will be equal but choices between different things will be radically reduced in a gracious unity of all contradictions due to auto-referencing turning everything and everyone into a synonym.

in the 21st century all politics will only be about consumerism, this can be compared to how a mail-order system functions, and therefore in nature always unsatisfactory

in the 21st century all expressive behavior, including all arts, will be a hobby only, compared to gardening, and therefore always satisfying

in the 21st century the division between the corporation-based contemporary culture and self-organizational counter-culture will be even more radically split than it is today but both will be interchangeable in media appearance

in the 21st century curators therefore on either side will be like bank managers now, aware of clients and commercial values of their products, and ready for the next jump in prices, when to organize the big giveaway tombola lotto, or pick the right show from the catalogues online

in the 21st century individualism will be totally replaced by diverse forms of hidden collaborations but it will be mentioned in no more than one name

in the 21st century all art will have a festival name

in the 21st century current artists will still gather in specially designed spaces to think about the future of objectification and depersonalization, the logical continuation of what we experience now in museums, schools and galleries

in the 21st century new artists will gather in dispersed locations to make original technological artefacts that are independent and expressive and can only communicate among themselves, the logical continuation of what we experience now in media labs

in the 21st century theatres of all kind will have the same nostalgic reminiscence like the circus today and in a way the performances and shows organized in those spaces will resemble multimedia vaudeville and installation café chantant to a high extent

in the 21st century the non-physical people will produce all forms of rhetorical communication, but not say anything

in the 21st century only the non-physical people will do all science, but not show anything

in the 21st century only the non-physical people will think about the arts but not write about it

in the 21st century physical people will have the same relationships as they have now, hence they will experience the same unsolvable problems in personal development

in the 21st century non-physical people will experiment with emotional relationships based on expressivity, collaboration, but also objectification and depersonalization as a constitutive part of their identity and as the major means to handle emotions and expressivity

in the 21st century all borders and hierarchies will only be produced by consumerist networks

in the 21st century roaming artists will pass those borders for consumerist reasons to reappear as non-physical people in a non-defined place on an artificial network with an urgent need for collaborative expression, disappearing again upon satisfaction

in the 21st century there will only be debate about politics, consumerism, and corporation-based contemporary cultural artefacts, and not about what non-physical people do

in the 21st century the new and art will be perceived only when physical or non-physical people have developed a new algorithm

in the 21st century society will disappear in algorithmic combinations and disjunctions

in the 21st century the infrathin surface will keep all appearances undisturbingly polite, and the fragments that lie beneath will be done but not debated nor shown

in the 21st century individuals will talk in plural and groups will talk in singular

in the 21st century physical and non-physical people will not say "let us talk about it, when and where?" but "let us try out these things together now"

in the 21st century all real art will be realtime, abstract, algorithmic, dynamically changing over time, destructible, innovative, performative, and connecting physical and non-physical people through heterogenic networks

in the 21st century all real art will be without identity and hopeful

in order to deal with all this, let us create an outlaw territory 75cm above the ground and not higher than 1m 25cm. Let us perform there over and over again. Afterwards wipe everything clean and start over again.
Learn from the previous experience. Learn and move forward. Only move forward in experiment. Only move forward if you are not alone. Only move.

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