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about so-on

Okno/ so-on is a production and presentation unit focussing on art and new media. Its aim is to identify innovation and change in new aesthetical presentation techniques.
All projects are linked to the problematization of new art in the public space, from a socio-cultural background. New technology including internet as a medium for performing, is predominantly present in the exhibitions and installations.
Okno projects tend to present the process of art production: planning, collaboration, building up, etc...
The key role is the main space, OKNO/steklo, in which the projects are made public. It functions as an attractionpole for the audience, who interact with the setup, sometimes puzzled, sometimes bewildered, and most of the time unfamiliar with new media art. As such OKNO wants to stimulate the awareness of the public, confronting them with unexpected interactive installations, performances,concerts and lectures.
OKNO/ice provides also an installation and performance programme for the historical, ice-cellars of the Free University Brussels. Due to the accoustic and spatial qualities of the location, most of the presented projects concentrate on the perception of sound in different forms [time, space, movement, connection, interference, visualization of sound].

OKNO positions itself as a junction in an international research-and presentation network for new media art. With national and international partners it works towards the presentation of international projects through live streaming and other electro-digital media techniques.



De computer als elektronische machine heeft het kunstwerk tot een dynamisch en interactief systeem gemaakt waar toeschouwer en kunstwerk tot één systeem samensmelten... more



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