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transmutation/ nina czegledy

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wednesday may 24, 2006 – friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels

The Algorichemy workshop aims to combine historical and contemporary aspects of alchemy with the concept of algorithms. The notion of "transmutation" is central to alchemy as well as algorithms. Within the workshop we intend to explore via research, discussions and the development of onsite/online presentations, the character, properties and the expressions of transmutation.

Transmutation remains a basic element of contemporary chemistry as well as many other branches of knowledge, including cooking and computation. By dictionary definition to transmute means to alchemize, alter, change, convert, remake, transfigure, and transform. By this token the goal is to investigate the process of metamorphosis, essential change, transformation, conversion and transition.

On an elemental level the formulas for alchemy and coding are closely connected to everyday procedures such as cooking. The cabbalistic specifications for alchemy, the secret recipes of master chefs and proprietary coding share some common premise. For this reason the use of a kerotakis or double boiler might serve as an effective and practical symbol for transmutation. Alchemy -and coding- has been expressed via complex linguistic or numerical symbols intelligible only to the initiated. We intend to disentangle some of the complexities, share some of the recipes, and yet remain true to the mysterious intricacies of the topic.

keywords : process of metamorphosis, essential change, transformation, conversion and transition

-collaborative website on the topic outlined above
-collaborative physical installation based on the historical kerotakis
or Bain Marie double boiler/distilling apparatus.




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