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26/5: networks! a look into the future

A look into the working of cultural communities, onsite and online
Networks consist of mobile relations whose arrangement at any particular time is shaped by the 'constitutive outside' of feedback or noise. The order of networks is made up of a continuum of relations governed by interests, passions, affects and pragmatic necessities of different actors. (....) Organised networks are ‘clouds’ of social relationships in which disengagement is pushed to the limit. Community is an idealistic construct and suggests bonding and harmony, which is often simply not there. [geert lovink / ned rossiter]

3pm>7pm round table discussion
A look into the working of cultural communities, onsite and online

Does the wish for networking and the implementation of collaboration-methodologies [physical and virtual collaborative tools] initiate new concepts and new aesthetics?

Moderator: Nat Muller (curator, critic and foodie, Nl)
with: Nina Czegledy and Guy Van Belle presenting the Transmutation Project, Alessandro Ludovico (neural magazine, italy) and Paul Keller (de Waag-Sarai Exchange Programme, Next5Minutes, Nl).

5pm: Project presentation by Dusan Barok
comments on networking as a creative act in SK and CZ.

Real life examples of participation via webtools in community life. Why working with community websites? What activity is happening through and beyond these tools (e.g. burundi, 34, nextfestival, multiplace, c2c, ciant, 13m3, okno, atraktart)? Did the methodologies of these organizations change through the implementation of collaborative webtools, and what was actually the unpredictable, experimental part of this?

9pm: SE30 live
performance by Code31 (be)

10pm: elpueblodechina and yves degoyon
performance (es/fr/chile)

11pm: networked Bejing/Tokyo/Brussels
performance by Society of Algorithm (be, jp, be)

12pm: de nachtegaaltjes
performance by vacca and fokke (nl)




Is an independent curator, critic, and foodie based in Rotterdam. She has recently been appointed new media curator at De Balie, Amsterdam... more

friday may 26, 2006
tsila what are the conditions to start the network?
vacc initial condition is passion
xname and what about the structure: horizontal vs vertical ... more


Paul Keller - april 1974 - heads the Public Research programme since February 2003... more


Alessandro Ludovico, 1969, lives and works in Bari, Italy. He is a media critic and the editor in chief of the magazine Neural from 1993 and was awarded with a "Honorary Mention" for Net... more

Guy Van Belle has been prominently involved in the use and development of media for artistic purposes since 1990. Since 2000 xgz has been working under the name of the collective digital band mxHz... more

Nina Czegledy, media artist, curator and writer, has collaborated on international projects, produced time based and digital works, and participated in workshops, forums and festivals worldwide... more

Born 1979 in Czechoslovakia. Studied information technologies in Bratislava and mass media communication in Trnava. In 2003 co-founded BURUNDI media lab and organized there series of karaoke lectures Translab... more

SE30   more   print
friday may 26, 2006 9pm
Matrix Art Project, brussels

friday may 26, 2006 10pm
matrix art project, brussels
a realtime performance building up on the work of bryon gysin and his
dreammachine. The performance will utilize sniffed network traffic to
generate realtime visuals to be watched with closed eyes for best effect
of 8 to 13 Hz (alpha waves) audiovisual brainwash... more

friday may 26, 2006 11pm
matrix art project, brussels

Recent technological and telecommunication developments -- the internet's two-way communication model, relatively inexpensive access to computers and networks -- have given rise to a powerful and diverse range of creative production resulting in a bleedover between and across disciplines as people explore unconventional uses of tools and technologies... more

friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels
Jan-Kees van Kampen and Fokke (nl)
Jan-Kees focuses on networked performances and live composition. He plays in Powerbooks Unplugged, a 4-headed laptop band, and is part of the goto10 collective... more



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