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however we integrate it both virtually and physically and then today how we work around i still is it going to be visually or both things both so symbolic language would you then work on distillating process with her which and how to manifest it yeah ok all the symbols could be the basis of the database and how we tune it into dusan is thinking develop the symbolic language both physical and the virtual environment and then peter would work on distillating idea how to manifest it which will have the loop i was just thinking neural network but one brain cell from you and tchh that means that you abstract so rebecca to have these various points what about if would you be able to work on that idea what i thought i would like to work with vision and distillation it's just that we have certain people




blabla: ha ha ha
xgz: or sides, makes nice fisheye images
xgz: can convolve it with the signs
rebekka: i try to find a way to project on a gratin shape
xgz: and make it evolutionary in time (64 steps on relative time)
lauredeselys: what's the cooking glass?
illFiger: but from what i read online about this experiment is that it does not work perpetually
xgz: and alife style convolve it further in 3D
xgz: euh cooking glass = vacuum glass and when you touch it starts to cook says eric
lauredeselys: ah
xgz: so why not put controllable heat inductive light on it
blabla: explain yourself
illFiger: ok, hold on
illFiger: i need to explain here what you are telling
blabla: dus een warmtelamp
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blabla: hi ptr
xgz: nina is not here?
ptr_: heya
xgz: ptr
illFiger: hey pieter
blabla: sorry-- stopped stream for a sec to set recording but it gives an error
xgz: camera went out
blabla: cannot stream and record : (
illFiger: are you following our stream
xgz: reconnecting
xgz: sure
rebekka: i think the glass should be concentrated on one post,connect the others by wires
xgz: the greatest thing is to see people chat in silence
xgz: give a burp once in a while then I know the stream streams in hihi
xgz: hey staying online for half an hour so what is the program?
blabla: so we are thinking of a different setup in space
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
blabla: the SE30's in the back room
xgz: 2. how to plan the coming weeks who is doing what
xgz: 3. how to build up in real and virtually
blabla: and the transmutation installation integrated in the big room where discussions are going on
blabla: and the TICS remains
xgz: 4. who is boosting the okno pages online with the progress
blabla: yes, let's get structured
rebekka: also dusans interview room is in main space next to the stairs
xgz: 5. summary like in an hour?
xgz: who is here keeping track?
blabla: we try to do it, but bad start: no records of this stream
xgz: hey let's get structured - I am very very simple as an automaton
xgz: and so are you
xgz: complexity can only emerge from noise
xgz: so ...
illFiger: can yo setup skype or a stream
blabla: hmmm --- do you have a stream setup?
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
illFiger: guess talkong would be easier
xgz: never
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
xgz: 1. how to do the installation
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xgz: glas in or out?
xgz: glas in or out?
blabla: well, maybe 1 big bowl if we can find one?
xgz: glas in or out?
rebekka: in or out??
xgz: but does the system vacuum boil etc work?
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xgz: now I understand why cameras break out there??
blabla: hi nini!
xgz: nina!
czegledy: Hi Guy
lauredeselys: hello nina
rebekka: hello
xgz: don't slam the mike when people are listening to the stream @okno please
czegledy: Erik is also here with me
xgz: which eric?
blabla: gert is doing a test with sparkling water
xgz: there seems to be an eric everywhere
czegledy: sorry I meant Erika Pasztor
xgz: hihi
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blabla: hi erika!
blabla: did you manage to change your flight?
blabla: or do i have to look after it?
czegledy: Erika says not yet
blabla: give me the exact dates pls
blabla: for your return
blabla: how much computers do we need if we work only with computers?
czegledy: Erika is hoping you can change her return for the 27th
xgz: interesting image for the moment
blabla: we can check if stijn slabbinck has enough minimacs
blabla: who will be really active participant in this installation?
blabla: and how do you see your participation?
xgz: water, boiling
czegledy: excuse me but can you provide a little explnation
okneric: what about those "smelling" sensors
xgz: vacuum glass + camera - data used for feeding algorithms
xgz: working over the last days at the convolve, genetic simulations, alife patches
blabla: ok. so we need a bowl, a camera, computers
blabla: do we work with flatscreens or projection?
xgz: can someone describe what laure is saying, hard to understand from here
blabla: important is that the installation is in contineous mutation
xgz: yes that is why I am working on this digital feedback system
xgz: yes and put laure into the camera view then I can do lip--reading hihi
xgz: with 20 seconds delay of course
xgz: good let's summarize
xgz: hey write someone what is being said in the chat damn
gen_lee: i will
xgz: good
gen_lee: just one sec
xgz: 20 secs of delay hihi
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strihaj__: hello, anybody here?
blabla: hello stri, who are you?
xgz: who is stri
xgz: haj
xgz: ?
blabla: ??
strihaj__: strihaj is sabotor ana, who doesnt know to set her nick: ]
blabla: hey ana!
strihaj__: and who is blabla?
blabla: are you coming to brussels?
blabla: blabla is always a friend
strihaj__: id liek to , but we will see how things go....
strihaj__: so is "lol"
xgz: hey gert - I can accomodate for any input afterwards: graphix, cams or movement
xgz: look at it like an object you make: virtual or real
xgz: but with input and output possibilities
czegledy: Hi, I am waiting here in Budapest for a little
czegledy: (but comprehensive) update
xgz: I cn mutate symbols into other ones, on symbolic or integer or float level hihi
xgz: I can make timers out of boilers
xgz: I can make boilers out of symbols
xgz: I can make gold out of god
xgz: I can hide it all in the woods
blabla: when will you be here in brussels?
strihaj__: we have a poet here: ]
xgz: and let it grow plants with lindenmayer's help
czegledy: I m reading bits and pieces here - and enjoy the wonderful world of Guy, how about the
blabla: this is also very important to setup and work out the stuff onsite
czegledy: installation process in generl in Brussels?
blabla: when will guy and nina be back in brussels?
xgz: sabota ana means ana on saturday?
blabla: this is important for us
blabla: hello, guy! nina!
blabla: who will physically help to set up
xgz: depends on dusan's bus
czegledy: Hi blabla - can you plese tell me your name?
lauredeselys: i will
blabla: well this bus has to be arranged that it's arriving on sunday
xgz: set it up now and then can play
gen_lee: hey nina, how difficult can that be
blabla: annemie blabla
gen_lee: who talks the most, hihi
xgz: so you got a glass and a vacuum tube and just give it a try
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xgz: film it in a small movie then I know what to expect
*: blabla is now known as krikri
krikri: now blabla is krikri
strihaj__: i dont know that much about this coming there: i dont knwo the exact date, and also from the small pieces u write : : here i dont know what is master plan, what u plan to do
krikri: if we knew it : )
xgz: ah come on!
*: krikri is now known as grrrrr
xgz: we want to setup a physical installation
xgz: that changes the virtual world
xgz: and gets changed by the changes in the virtual world
xgz: so it creates another reality
strihaj__: aha, ok, i follow.
xgz: that is why we need algorithms
*: okneric is now known as cirenok
xgz: since otherwise we just end up in analogity
strihaj__: and the installation will consist of what: glasses and magic powders?: ]
illFiger: computers
grrrrr: can you bring them?
xgz: no a vacuum water can boil when you touch it with your hand
grrrrr: magic powders!
xgz: or with a small heat source
xgz: yes powders in tl light
xgz: ok going for a glass of non-boiling water
xgz: so please document a little in the chat what is happening in the conversation
illFiger: lets use a glass of sparkling water
xgz: dobra voda
grrrrr: guy, how big/small do you see the installation?
strihaj__: i can bring old hardware and play with it...flood it with soem substances, quantities depending on the result of : : altgoritms...and when the hw is flooded, it might do different sound, like in circuit bending...and the resulting sound : : can go back to computer and be processed by altgoritms....
xgz: can be the ocean if we can do it vacuum but go for a nice bottle shape in mikro size
xgz: and give people a space to walk to it
grrrrr: yes
xgz: and blow up the process in the surrounding projection
xgz: no?
grrrrr: no flat sc reens?
xgz: we got space and glass and algorithms
xgz: too flat too screen
grrrrr: well, summary:
xgz: since we need light to heat up the thing
grrrrr: everything will set up at the earliest on monday
xgz: we can provide it from the images being projected?
grrrrr: is this safe enough to play?
xgz: now monday? cool
xgz: oh then put a cam on it and stream it
xgz: and hey laure do you have more signs?
grrrrr: we have to go to presentation now, and we all we be back at 4pm
cirenok: see U
grrrrr: in the meantime, we continue at the MAP
lauredeselys: i should have some good new ones for tonight- at the latest tomorrow
xgz: oh nice yipppeee
czegledy: Hi, I came over from the other end of town to talk to you but make no sense of what is going on
xgz: and I can have the code running by monday-tuesday
xgz: will send small chunks to you laure for testing with it
grrrrr: ok, and i'll try out my sensors but have a little problem with my soundcard
czegledy: is it possible to get a reply?
illFiger: but we meet again at 16.00
lauredeselys: oky
xgz: hey gert give a little overview to nina about what has been talked about
xgz: please
grrrrr: you can do it also?
grrrrr: we go now!
illFiger: do we all meet again at 16.00 to continue?
grrrrr: meet you all again at 4pm
czegledy: I am unable to be here at 16
lauredeselys: see you all in an hour then
illFiger: ok
illFiger: nina
illFiger: i will post an overview on the transmutation list
xgz: well missing out on what has been said among them but basically are we going for the glass cooking vacuum : : water?
xgz: please answer
illFiger: will u be back at 4
illFiger: lets talk about it more later no
illFiger: i guess the glass could be definately part of it
illFiger: but would like to start with a networked computer setup
czegledy: strange meeting - wish I would be able to find out
czegledy: whats going on, but.....
xgz: hey okno in general: why do you mobilise people when you all run before anything is decided? that is no chat... no : : one is commenting on the discussion and no one understands what the agenda is for now... please pay more : : attention
grrrrr: we said 2pm and 4 pm
grrrrr: in the meantime we continue to work
grrrrr: think this will work better than spending all our time on the chat and saying nothing
grrrrr: not nothing, but confused stuff
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grrrrr: so we try to be more clear when we get back
czegledy: I give up
illFiger: my idea, i.e. waht i just explained here locally
illFiger: i'r rather take about alchemy in a metaphorical way using computers
: gen_lee: sorry
gen_lee: network was down
czegledy: I just sent a frustrated note to Annemie and Gert
gen_lee: that is me
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czegledy: because I was hoping we will use this meeting opportunity
emptywords: ahh nina, we had a netbreakdown!
emptywords: hope you received all info i've send you on the roundtables?
emptywords: nina, are you still there?
czegledy: no, I haven't received - who is emptywords?
emptywords: nina, it's me, annemie
xgz: haven't received it either
emptywords: internet failed and we had to restart
emptywords: everything's gone
emptywords: guy, can you save this chat?
emptywords: so nina, i'll summarize
emptywords: 1. everybody confirmed for the roundtables
czegledy: yes, thank you I know about the confirmtions
emptywords: 2. darko, peter beyls, andreĽ smirnov, ryszard, erika
czegledy: great I did not know about andrei
emptywords: ok. than now we need an abstract for the communication
emptywords: we will work on it next week
emptywords: has to go to the printer end of next week
czegledy: I am going to circulate a note to my panel to discuss topics etc
emptywords: fine!
czegledy: will do it this weekend
emptywords: i'll email you later topics proposed by peter beyls and andrei
czegledy: thanks
emptywords: than you can sort it out what you like in it and discuss it with them
czegledy: ok
emptywords: than we need also a description of the transmutation project : )
emptywords: how far do we go in that?
emptywords: we can use the abstract you made in the beginning
emptywords: and leave the rest open...
czegledy: it would be important to know how are the participants doing
czegledy: this and some notes from the workshop will help to finalize the text
emptywords: well, they all are from very good will, but things are a little bit confused
emptywords: but i think we'll get out of it, slowly things become more clear
czegledy: can you please find out who is confused
emptywords: gert will give an overview later today
czegledy: if feel posting everything on the mail list might be difficult for some people
emptywords: confused is maybe a bad description
emptywords: it'm more that things are not really clear yet
czegledy: if there is a problem or difficulty mybe this canbe discussed on one to one bases what doo you think?
emptywords: how exactly [in what way] ppl will interact whith the things they are doing
czegledy: apart from Eric, I have not noticed any input from any of the others
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emptywords: i think we will have to set clear the physical setup of the installation: how it will be there in the space, the bases and : : than it will become easier for ppl
--: rebekka has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
emptywords: nina, we have to go now to this presentation in the MAP space
--: lauredeselys has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
emptywords: it's in a way linked to what we are doing
czegledy: yes that is one way to do it. another approach is to ask from each of them to post where they are
czegledy: we can continue by e-mail - thanks for this latest annemie
emptywords: so i think it's good for people to get a better idea
czegledy: ok i will post today
emptywords: we keep you informed!
czegledy: thanks and I post to the list - bye bye
emptywords: we do a round up in an hour.
xgz: cu there
czegledy: do you want me to come back in an hour to my friend?
emptywords: ok.
czegledy: please let me know now
emptywords: you can come back if you want, otherwise we send everything on the mailinglist
czegledy: if we are able to discuss things, I am happy to come back
xgz: think it would be good nina that you can participate, we can structure it more so it won't lat longer than an hour is : : that ok?
czegledy: but if it is a playchat only, I better go home and work
emptywords: i think better on the mailinglist for now, and a next chat we should be more organized and further into the : : development
czegledy: while I am on the road, it is difficult for me to access
xgz: I sent an agenda on the list, so if people stick to answering these questions it would be better
czegledy: it would be good if we can do something either a bit later today
czegledy: otherwise this week during the day I can have access in the Ludwig Museum
emptywords: ok. we meet again at 4pm. at 5 i have to leave anyway.
czegledy: I am suggesting these things because I am very anxious about the exhibit
gen_lee: lets talk again at 4
czegledy: ok
xgz: well that is why it would be good to decide today onthe physical setup and stick to that and get to know who is doing : : what in it and by when etc
gen_lee: and keep to the structure guy posted on the list
xgz: ok ok
gen_lee: everybody can post one by one, if you like
gen_lee: like we went around the table during the workshop
czegledy: Guy can you send me the structure you posted, I did not get it
xgz: ah one second (oops you are on the list are you? hope nothing is wrong)
xgz: hi maybe it is good to briefly give insight into the following things:
xgz: 1. installation transmutation
xgz: what is the real setup: principles with the glass and physical changes
xgz: what is the virtual setup: principles with the computers and algorithms
xgz: who is going to do what, please specify briefly each one of you ...
xgz: 2. timings for working on it
xgz: we have to indicate a time schedule for the assemblage of the real thing
xgz: we have to indicate a time schedule for the algorithmic implementation and tests
xgz: we have to indicate a time schedule for the feedback virtual-real-virtual and the projections etc...
xgz: 3. conference: any news from who...
xgz: confirmations
emptywords: well guy,nina, it's also both your project
xgz: changes and replacements
xgz: anything new?
emptywords: we try to do the best
xgz: 4. report on other setups:
xgz: se30s
xgz: tics
xgz: performances etc...
xgz: is that it? anything else...
emptywords: i can't fix people to their chair if they don't want to
xgz: got it hihi
xgz: we do too
xgz: always do
xgz: wheelchairs next time?
emptywords: : )
emptywords: gert and i are still here
emptywords: all the others are gone
emptywords: but the Q-list is a good starter
emptywords: everybody can answer for him/herself
emptywords: and than we know where we are
czegledy: it is 3.30 now - are we meetinmg then at 4?
emptywords: ok!
emptywords: gert and i try to see clearer in the meantime
czegledy: ok I disconnect now
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xgz: I will keep on sitting here _ 25 degrees outside so inside is better
gen_lee: sissie
gen_lee: ar eyou saying it is to hot?
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czegledy: Hello is anybody on yet?
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gen_lee: hey nina
gen_lee: shit,
gen_lee: gone again
gen_lee: everybody is back here
gen_lee: hopla
lauredeselys__: back
emptywords: hi all.
gen_lee: Ľ└
emptywords: we were thinking of connection outside to inside
xgz: he me back too - was getting hungry and made sweet potatoes with herbs in the oven and had to open a bottle of : : white wine that was standing here for the fish dish going to do tomorrow because some theatre group from prague : : is coming and they are doing a theatre play on barb, nino and me for multiplace festival... in the appartment! haha _ : : but let's get back to business on this nice presummer day
emptywords: connecting rooftop to installation
emptywords: film the traject of the sun
emptywords: and at night the moon
xgz: pink flyod?
--: czegledy (n=czegledy@81-196-141-182.cable-modem.hdsnet.hu) has joined #transmutation
emptywords: and connecting also to the antenna node reseau citoyen put already on the rooftop
xgz: pink floyd?
czegledy: Hello, I have tried earlier, but could not find anybody yet
emptywords: come on! instead off drinking wine, let's go through it now
emptywords: we don't have time to loose
xgz: ok 1.
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emptywords: and aniway, we don't have wine here--- no money for it
xgz: cuco brought it
gen_lee: and i will input what is being said here into the chat
xgz: and a book about the destruction of the sinagogue in 63 for the ufo bridge
gen_lee: and the other way if there is confusion
xgz: 1.
xgz: cool
czegledy: 1. installation transmutation
czegledy: what is the real setup: principles with the glass and physical changes
gen_lee: idea n1 : what about tracking the movement of the sun and moon and using taht as an input
xgz: nina do you have the stream too or only the caht
czegledy: I have only the chat
xgz: ok then make sure gert you give some chunks from time to time
gen_lee: here right now discussing the possibilty to use the antenna on the rooftop as an input for the installation
xgz: like that _ like building a tesla system
gen_lee: sa as for the physical input
xgz: yes
gen_lee: we are discussing different possibilities
gen_lee: not neccesarily glass-water-boiling
xgz: ok
xgz: what is useful from the antenna?
czegledy: which options are cxonsidered for the antenna input?
gen_lee: we will still try the boiling installation
gen_lee: as one input
xgz: hihi nina same thinking
xgz: what do you nean gert
xgz: so audio stream or data - packages
emptywords: visualising the citynetwork
emptywords: activity
xgz: hey gnd() did these network visualisers
czegledy: is the boling connected to the antenna input? how?
xgz: and is invited anyway or a concert
gen_lee: possibly
emptywords: guy, when are all you ppl arriving?
emptywords: this is important if we talk about gnd and ana and...
xgz: one question still: is there a working system with the vacuum low energy input? and if so we can operate projections : : changing temp inside the flask?
gen_lee: lets leave this for later
gen_lee: wait a minute
gen_lee: let me say one thing about the waterboiling
gen_lee: which is important
--: ptr_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
xgz: so then there would be the connection antenna/reseau - light/energy - temp water
gen_lee: this will not be so easy, which doesn't mean we don't have to try
xgz: and we can figure out how to feed it in later into the algorithms - antenna/packages
gen_lee: 1.even if you get the vacuum, to get a small amount of water boiling with the heat of your hands or a external : : lightsource
gen_lee: it will take some time
czegledy: can Eric give us an overall summary on the boiling/ antenna loop?
gen_lee: 2.once the water is boiling-it will also stop boiling
gen_lee: and to repeat this proces you will need to add new water, make a new vacuum etc
gen_lee: so, a complicated process
xgz: ok too complicated and .. instabile?
xgz: but what about air? does air heat easier?
xgz: air flows are easy to track? from one caraffe to another flask
emptywords: how`? as smoke?
xgz: remember the image of the communicating glass vessels?
xgz: ok change a camera view now? who else is there...
xgz: I see smoke in the camera
gen_lee: ok
xgz: smile eric
gen_lee: by next week eric and i do the experiment
emptywords: i like the idea of connecting the antenna, and make this hardware network part of the transmutationinstallation
gen_lee: see how we can use it
xgz: ok cool __
gen_lee: if it is to complex, yes or no
xgz: I like it too
xgz: tehn it becomes really media alchemy
emptywords: and what about the sun and the moon?
emptywords: still in?
xgz: but nice also would be to see the activity of the antenna 'reflected' into the glass and water etc
emptywords: guy, what image exactly you're talking off?
xgz: want to play a version of 'interstellar overdrive' then _ (sun and moon)
xgz: what did someone say in a distance?
gen_lee: we where discussing the possibility to track the sun
xgz: seeing the sun can be dangerous -- plateau the inventor of movie apparatus in ghent blinded himself this way
gen_lee: setup as folowed
gen_lee: you film the sky using a 360 lens
gen_lee: try to isolate the sun and track its mouvement
gen_lee: i know
gen_lee: so does this work with special filters
gen_lee: also
gen_lee: how to do this when things get clowded
xgz: why would I track the sun we know its speed in advance and I suppose you don't go with iranian experiments etc?
gen_lee: why would i boil water, if i can calculate it boiling point in a webinterface
xgz: so rather do a version of "emily plays" and do clouds?
xgz: because the moments are different in time not for the sun but the environment acts on the water and not hte pos and : : speed of the sun whatever we want
gen_lee: i spy with my little eye something with an S.
xgz: anyway _ sex?
xgz: super?
xgz: silly?
xgz: savant/
emptywords: come on, constructive!
xgz: sarcastic?
gen_lee: ok
gen_lee: it is difficult to feedback our stuff to the sun, hihi
xgz: what is that thing with an s. how many letters?
gen_lee: 3
emptywords: guy, can you give more explanation on tesla setup?
xgz: suk
xgz: no I mean I like the idea of
emptywords: what? just connecting the antenna?
xgz: getting data from antenna - feed it into algorithms and physical setup and let it there 'boil' a little and send some : : meaningful alteration through the antenna
emptywords: come up with some idea we can do with the antenna
xgz: back in
xgz: stream
xgz: like we said
xgz: and that is enough for what I inference from it finally
emptywords: so create feedbackloop
emptywords: take antenna data
emptywords: play with it
emptywords: transform through some algorithms and send it back?
emptywords: out in the world
xgz: want to use the antenna within its normal context for communication of course
xgz: so the network is the network
xgz: but can enact upon the installation in 2 ways
xgz: real physics
xgz: and imagined physics
xgz: hey just wire it all up darlings
xgz: and do your glass-water tests and see how it reacts
gen_lee: talking a bit with eric now about how and wat to mesure
xgz: and tell us asap
xgz: life evolving of course
emptywords: we are examinating how and whichantennadata we can use
gen_lee: ok
gen_lee: round up
gen_lee: water experiment + antenna + sun
emptywords: antenna from reseau or another antenna we make ourselves
emptywords: as the one we used for art's birthdayparty
emptywords: aniway, it's nice to connect outside to inside and send it out again
emptywords: for next week we'll come up with something
xgz: ah come on: just don't make it tooo complicated, just set it up and make the data available and then we look at it and : : see how we can link and connect, and finally how to make more intelligent things, but first set up everything: : : computer, glass, antenna .. and sun! hihi
emptywords: well we have allready 2 antenna's
gen_lee: let's experiment
lauredeselys__: uv filters should work
emptywords: the reseau one is there and the selfmade one is here too
gen_lee: is that more or less clear to everybody?
gen_lee: so we can move on to the next toppic
xgz: yes just mailed some hacks to prague student...
xgz: wait looking for it, the person hacked his phone camera - another network?
gen_lee: hey nina
gen_lee: are you still there
czegledy: I am here and keep reading your notes
gen_lee: ok
gen_lee: have you got more questions
emptywords: summary:
xgz: http: //homepage.ntlworld.com/geoff.johnson2/IR/
xgz: antenna
emptywords: summary:
gen_lee: as i said : experiments to do for next weekend water-antenna-sun
xgz: glass and vacuum
xgz: algorithms
gen_lee: looking into the possibilities, difficulties, etc...
gen_lee: that has to be done by next week
czegledy: so far you have discussed the antenna experiment - are we having a discussion on the other nodes of the : : installation?
xgz: going to hook up with laure (and others if interested) when i finish the patches... monday-tuesday...
xgz: others?
gen_lee: everything should be connected to this
rebekka: i put up some info on site
emptywords: we try to work out first general setup
rebekka: reflections on visuals
emptywords: and onlyu than fill in the rest
emptywords: let's get a basic system working first
emptywords: otherwise all rest is useless
emptywords: you can make patches only if we know what to do with the system
xgz: or basic units working - we have to connect
czegledy: yes - I was hoping we establish a draft for the basic system
emptywords: well, to me [and some others here] the basic system we'll try out for now is:
czegledy: and have input re the individual nodes from the participants
emptywords: antenna+water+sun
xgz: no way I can make patches anyway - never heard of 'abstractions'? sure I know what to expect
gen_lee: talking her e a bit about the tecs
emptywords: and connect all this to the computers is easy
gen_lee: both for water and sun setup etc
xgz: working further on convolution and genetic algorithms and alife I guess _ still got some things to do
czegledy: I must be missing something - did we loose the five nodes?
xgz: so i can patch it all already up
xgz: rest is calibration
xgz: the structure is clear
xgz: it HAS to work
xgz: sure I understand
emptywords: nina, i don't think we are talking on 5 nodes animore
xgz: the beginning is the end
emptywords: it's all 1 whole
xgz: transformation of data will always be transformation of data
xgz: you provide and we are only the mutagen
czegledy: when did you decide to change everything to this set up?
emptywords: once we have the whole, it's easy to make more nodes
xgz: ok annemie only if you create on the physical system 1 input and 1 output
xgz: then we can all work parallel
xgz: don't build closed systems
emptywords: we are as open as we can!
emptywords: just try to make something working
gen_lee: all things should be connected to this antenna thing
emptywords: and try to give some usefull input
gen_lee: dusans can be conencted
gen_lee: junior
gen_lee: laure
gen_lee: using max
gen_lee: this can not be to difficult
xgz: sure but only over software, so working on and waiting how to paste it in between
lauredeselys__: looks fine to me
xgz: hey leaving now have to take the free tesco bus have a meeting for a soci0cult project now and reporting there to : : dusan - http: //www.burundi.sk/monoskop/index.php/FREE_LOST_SPACE
czegledy: it would be great to receive some answers to questions
emptywords: we will be here to build the physics?
emptywords: this is the basis
lauredeselys__: bye guy waiting for your patches
xgz: yes got some things working and some not and have to finallize combinations
xgz: but don't worry will be ready next week, before any physical setup is ready
czegledy: annemie, when I left Brussels we had a draft of a plan - this has been changed
gen_lee: nina, shoot
gen_lee: ok
gen_lee: yes and no
czegledy: can you please explain about the change - it has not been posted on the list
emptywords: nina, we are just trying to make it workable in an interesting way
czegledy: consequently I had no idea what you are talking about
czegledy: I am all for an interesting solution
gen_lee: we try to see the installation as a whole
gen_lee: with the antenna-water-setup as a pyhisical backbone
gen_lee: all other things, as in understand, connect on a more virtual level
gen_lee: expept maybe for rasa
xgz: make a drawing with interesting relations between the physucal units
xgz: and the rest has to build in between
rebekka: i register rasas cooking which makes her digitally available too
xgz: obnoxiously I mean, and unruly
gen_lee: here they are also thinking about capturing sound from planets
gen_lee: or solarsystem
xgz: that is fake I think
czegledy: we could have planned it as a whole based on the bain_marie model
xgz: never heard a planet, since there is no sound in space, and
xgz: pythagoras was wrong! (that is why they killed him crossing a corn field)
emptywords: guy, nina, we are really working on something interesting, so please!
xgz: oh but bain marie is still in! just that it gets more physical
emptywords: we don't forget former agreements, just building further upon them
xgz: I would keep bain marie in _ modern version
xgz: heating a pot within a pot is a nice idea, translation, transduction and transmutation
xgz: and if it becomes vacuum and your hand can do this -- cool
czegledy: sorry Annemie, I don't see the connection, but if you point it out it would be great
emptywords: the planets, antenna's it's all alchemy
emptywords: modern alchemy
emptywords: vibes in space
xgz: no no don't exaggerate annemie
xgz: hey bye running now... set it up and tell me when what works or not and I will do the same about the code _ have a : : drink or smoke pot in a pot hihi
xgz: bye
gen_lee: nina,
xgz: iss
xgz: k
gen_lee: explain a bit your last question
xgz: ss
xgz: i
czegledy: I will have to go soon, will appreciate a description as this was
xgz: k
czegledy: very confusing
--: xgz has quit ("Leaving")
emptywords: nina, what connection you don't see?
emptywords: is it about the physical link from antenna towards bain marie?
emptywords: or something else?
czegledy: we drafted a plan - this has been changed, which would be ok if
emptywords: the antenna and soundcapturing devices can represent certain planets as in astronomy and used in alchemy
czegledy: this would have been discussed in a way that one could contribute to it
emptywords: yes, i think we should find a more appropriate way to discuss
emptywords: chat is too confusing
czegledy: the pysical setup was envisioned as a flow between five nodes
rebekka: hello nina
czegledy: now there is a loop with the antenna which is all great but where is
rebekka: physical setup stays the same more or less
rebekka: we are thinking on this antenna thing
rebekka: that could take the shape of what we used to call a node
czegledy: the connection to the previous discussions or is this approach brand new?
rebekka: the antenna will consist out of a feed in of inr
rebekka: we came up with the idea of the antenna
rebekka: this gives us a new take on the nodes..
rebekka: so not so new in the end
rebekka: now actually the antenna gives us a new take
rebekka: on letting info
rebekka: flow through the nodes
rebekka: ok?
czegledy: I find the antenna idea great - do not see the connection easily with the nodes
czegledy: perhaps somebody can draw it with an explanation
gen_lee: the connection will be technical
gen_lee: so for instance
gen_lee: we pick up a signal from the antenna
gen_lee: input it into the computer
gen_lee: it can change the work of laure with the symbols
gen_lee: but it can also generate data for junior to work with
rebekka: so the nodes get a bit in the background b
rebekka: because we consider the info of one node info of second post etc
czegledy: thanks, I understand it better
rebekka: great: )
gen_lee: cool
czegledy: still it will be important to draw the connections how it will look physically
gen_lee: yeah,
czegledy: because this idea, I mean to gain data from an antenna is not very new
gen_lee: physically it will not be a very big thing
gen_lee: so wwe have to think of a way to visually blow it up
rebekka: but the shape the installation will take is only imp in
gen_lee: the antenna is on the roof
rebekka: a second step
gen_lee: the water boiling will be a small pot
czegledy: the physical manifestation of the real/virtual alchemy still remains to be important
gen_lee: but by filming, documenting we can blow up and visualize the whole process and it's connections
czegledy: considering all the talent and participation it should be more than a small pot
rebekka: yes but like we stated the shape is
gen_lee: : -)
rebekka: determined by content
czegledy: we should have some objects not only blown up images
czegledy: hi is anybody still here?
rebekka: ok lts get back to work
rebekka: shall we meet next week not saturday but monday after?
czegledy: Sorry, I will be travelling next weekend - could try monday after, but can
czegledy: not confirm it yet
czegledy: going now
rebekka: ok correspondence on mail
gen_lee: ok i have to leave to now
czegledy: bye bye
rebekka: byebye everone
--: czegledy has quit ("Quit")
gen_lee: let's conitinue on the mailinglist



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