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OKNO provides several forms of workshops.

Apart from the regular non-periodic OKNO workshops OKNO is also engaged in the x-med-k series in collaboration with Nadine and Foam.

Workshops zijn belangrijk voor de werking van OKNO en worden in verschillende vormen in het programma geintegreerd.
Naast onze standaardwerking neemt OKNO ook deel aan de x-med-k-reeks in samenwerking met Foam en Nadine.




wednesday august 27, 2008
okno, brussels
OKNO and FoAM invite you to the lecture and demonstration moment

The "what?" "why?" and "how?" about rooftop gardens
- an introduction by ibic... more

thursday july 24, 2008 1pm – monday july 21, 2008 8pm
okno, brussels
Presented as a preview for our upcoming-series
?creative eco/techno gardening forgirlsandboys' (2009-...) :
the cook, the artist, the engineer and their urban garden;

OKNO/so-on invites you to participate in the mini-DIY-workshop:
thursday 24 july 2008 at OKNO, 01pm till 6pm

paracuina1.jpg cookit_small.jpg barbacoa_solar.jpg

friday may 16, 2008 – sunday may 18, 2008
okno, brussels
Ipso Facto presents an exclusive workshop on interfacing with transient objects in realtime through the use of I/O devices and SuperCollider.

The modelling of transient objects involves creating interfaces to gather
information from the world we experience and to express processes in that
same world... more

monday april 21, 2008 – friday april 25, 2008
St.Erme, France
"[T]here are other things that need doing, and one of these is the development of an imaginary of technology, an understanding of its poetics and a testing manifestation of those poetics in ways that allow us to think and sense through what that technology is." -- Matt Fuller

Following the path laid out in "Towards an Ecology of MediaEcology" FoAM, Nadine and OKNO will conclude the .x-med-k. series with a final workshop in Saint Erme, France.

In this workshop, the three organisations explore media and media technologies as an ecosystem, deeply networked. At an isolated location in the Champagne region, participants will gather for a week of workshops, reflection and practical sessions around the themes of networks, collaborative projects and Tech-Nouveau. The workshop will take an 'Open Space' approach, and all participants will be expected to take an active role in shaping their activities.

OKNO will bring it's wireless routers to craft a local wireless network extended to serve as an artistic medium. FoAM will undertake hands-on experiments with simulated biological systems, experiments which will be extended along with ad-hoc discussions regarding complexity, whole-systems, patterns, biomorphism and biomimetics in physical and simulated lifeforms and ecosystems. Participants are also invited to contribute to collaborative projects, developed throughout the week, guided by Nadine.

wednesday february 20, 2008 – friday february 22, 2008
okno, brussels
Context : Wind Turbines

Okno has planned the deployement of autonomous wireless nodes into the city, and needed some means to feed them in energy. We installed solar pannel in the previous month, and to complete a sustainable hybrid system for our tests, we planned this little workshop for building wind turbine from scratch... more

monday january 21, 2008 – sunday january 27, 2008

more info, links and inspiration:
code31.lahaag... more

saturday march 31, 2007 – sunday april 01, 2007
okno brussels
:: content ::

During the second workshop within the framework of Code31's xmedk online research,
we'll present a two day crash course in audio and video streaming.
What does it take to send a live video stream from your desktop to the whole world:

We'll learn how to configure a streaming server, take a look at different kinds of broadcasters.
Deal with the technicalities: Which protocols to use? What is the difference between udp en tcp?
What is with all these codecs?

wednesday november 01, 2006 – sunday november 05, 2006
okno, brussels
Everything about sensors and actuators suitable for human-machine-

* Sensors overview 01
- acceleration
- fsr
- gyro
- pressure
- infrared (sharp-distance)

wednesday may 24, 2006 – friday may 26, 2006
matrix art project, brussels

The Algorichemy workshop aims to combine historical and contemporary aspects of alchemy with the concept of algorithms... more

friday january 20, 2006

monday november 07, 2005
okno, brussels

saturday september 10, 2005 – saturday december 17, 2005
Code31 organizes a special series of meetings --
related to the XmedK workshops organized by nadine, foam and okno.

friday august 12, 2005
rezé, france
It's summer holidays and Code31 plans a warm trip to the south. We are invited by the inhabitants of le Corbusiers "La Maison Radieuse" to setup a camp in the park surrounding this vertical city... more

friday february 18, 2005 12am – saturday february 19, 2005

0kn0/Looking Glass, nadine and Foam set up a series of theoretical and practical workshops for artists interested in experimental use of digital media and technologies... more

The ALDA project aims to foster and further develop learning partnership among adult learners in digital art, especially to stimulate exchange of ideas between trainers, tutors and adult educators on the one side, and artists, designers and content providers on the other.

.x-med-k. is a series of workshops and seminars dealing with the many faces of 'experimental media arts'. Since 2004, three Brussels based art and technology organisations (nadine, okno and FoAM) have joined forces to design and implement this heterogeneous series, for artists and designers interested in experimental use of digital media, new materials and technologies... more



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