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theoretical & hands-on workshop miniFM transmitters

tetsuo kogawa     print
monday november 13, 2006 – thursday november 16, 2006
okno, brussels
The FMtransmitter workshop is an online/onsite collaboration between tetsuo kogawa (tokyo) and okno (brussels)

In the 90s, the Internet technology such as RealAudio/Video has put micro radio onto the right track. Since it is no more difficult for individuals to broad-cast the same information to the global area, micro radio can concentrate itself into the very meaning of its 'micro-ness' and its 'autopoietic' character. 'Micro' shouldn't be the antonym of 'macro' anymore. Micro radio does not 'cast' anymore but is interactive and streaming.

Tetsuo will make a 30-45 minute video in which he will talk about
(1) a short history of Mini FM
(2) Mini FM and radio art
(3) still unknown meaning of micro transmission and why it is relevant today.
The video will be streamed on monday 13/11.

Than we start realtime streaming: a practical introduction by Tetsuo on howtobuild a miniFMtransmitter (approx. 2 hours).
Questions and answers (online/onsite) on practical, theoretical and creative topics.

Tuesday and wednesday we finish building the most simplest radio transmitter (for artistic or experimantal use).

Thursday presentation of the collaborative creative project.
Every participant needs his/her own radio receiver (portable one is desirable) and his/her favorite sound source(s) (by CD/MD/Tape player, computer, iPod, and so on).



Tetsuo Kogawa's interests range over a variety of disciplines and critical approaches. After studying philosophy at Sophia and Waseda universities, he taught at Wako University for 17 years... more


This tiny transmitter has several "defects": smaller radius of the service area, lower quality of the sounds and the relatively unstable frequency... more


overview: anarchy.translocal.jp/radio/micro/howtotx.html
tools: http://anarchy... more


What is Radio Party?

Radio Home Run had been always a party radio. But more conscious idea of radio party started with my transmitter workshop. One of the earliest examples of it was "Tetsuo Kogawa Cooks up a FM transmitter" at Paper Tiger TV in New York on November 4, 1991... more

monday november 13, 2006
okno, brussels

monday november 13, 2006
okno, brussels

tuesday november 14, 2006
okno, brussels




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