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Art's Anniversary 2008  

art’s anniversary 2007

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wednesday january 17, 2007 8pm
okno & worldwide
OKNO celebrates the 1000.044th anniversary of our dearest friend Art.
Art couldn't be his illustrious self without inviting some of his friends and disciples.
With the help ofRĂ©seau Citoyen and SilenceRadio.org we join an intergalactic network of friends and strangers performing around the world.

Miniature solar systems, poetic soundscapes, artificial minds and voices, lamp radios on steroids and a sonic vortex make up our audiovisual labyrinth of the evening.

Birthday cake, fusion food and plenty of drinks are arranged to tantalize our other senses.



wednesday january 17, 2007
okno brussels & worldwide
20.00 Testuo Kogawa and Jacques Foschia : : Transversal Transmission
20.30 Isjtar & Masato Tsutsui : : Mai, premature birth of a mind
21.00 So-on : : Words in Freedom
21.30 Society of Algorithm : : Paskian Whispers
22.00 Break : : Silence
22.20 Billy Bultheel & Ronald Boersen : : Exhaust
22.45 Ronald Boersen : : Frames, Study 1b
22.50 Els Viaene : : An imaginary place for invisible sounds
23.15 Irvic D'Olivier : : SilenceRadio.org - Remix for AB2007

Interludes, setting, gaps and breakdowns by Shelbatra Jashari and Irvic D'Olivier



"Art's Birthday" is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou... more

Fluxus werd opgericht in 1962 door de Amerikaan George Maciunas. Naast Amerika en Europa, was Fluxus ook goed vertegenwoordigd in Japan. Fluxus past binnen geen enkel traditioneel kunsthistorisch denkkader, het is geen schilder- of beeldhouwkunst, geen muziek of theater, geen literatuur of film... more


Art's Birthday Party is a celebration in memory of Robert Filliou who declared, on January 17 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a pail of water... more

wednesday january 17, 2007 8pm
Those who can't be here can join us online on these streams:

audio stream.okno.be:8000/aa.m3u
video qt.okno.be:8000/aa.sdp

art's anniversary, okno brussels

words in freedom | so-on  more   print

read or download the article of Sarah Kesenne in RUIS (belgian music magazine)
1. the eternal network
2. transversal transmission (tetsuo kogawa and jacques foschia)

okno brussels

transversal transmission #2 | tetsuo kogawa and jacques foschia  more   print

art's anniversary, okno brussels

it's works! streaming over the ReCit-network | buda + code31 + reseau citoyen = okno (sponsored by ?)  more   print

art's anniversary, okno brussels

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