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first 'online tools' meeting: kick-off presentation of okno site

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monday december 12, 2005 – friday december 16, 2005
okno, brussels
1. monday:
dusan + annemie [+ everybody else who likes to] -> check up from what
we have until now on database level & design level
considering the following [this is a random order]

- sharing : building structures between different uses/users
- access : metadata, indexing, keywords, browsing
- active archive and working tool : annotation and re-annotation,
exchange : producer/user, libraries,
add/change/delete, uploading as non-users?
- sustainability
- provocation : goals and aims of the database/site as online working
- legal aspects : CC, copyleft, open source programs [implementation]
- relations : moderation/mediation ?, generative archive and realtime
working tool
- streaming : implementation of realtime streaming formats
[audio/video, ogg-theora-mp3-qt]
- downloads & audioarchive : zina or something else?

---> make a workschedule out of all this for the rest of the week

2. tuesday:

- 5pm pierre on radioswap and la radia [he has to leave at 6pm]
- nicolas on databases [php] and soundimplementations
- pieter on his annotation development
- dusan : overview database and okno site
- fokky can't make it but has send me a presentation she made for Banff
conference last october.
[we'll see if it's usefull to screen this]

---> discuss and try to figure out what can be usefull for us

3. wednesday, thursday, friday :

- first work but have fun at the same time
- buy some x-mas presents for ourselves? some nice books and cd's. go
out and have some drinks.

so on tuesday evening there will be food and drinks for everyone.
supposed to be there are:
gert / hendrik / pieter / guy DB / junior / pierre / nicolas / dirk /
dusan / annemie
we can have a streaming toast with guy VB.

cu all! a.




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