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resident-report 2006

dusan barok     print
okno, 2006 (Brussels, Praha, Bratislava)
what has been done (2006)

* okno.be site, thorough all year (most work feb-apr and nov 06)
- an online tool for presentation and collaboration
- rich constructive feedback from annemie, sporadically also from pieter
and gert, at the end of the year started to discuss new functions
with junior
- failed: complex audio implementation (planned for 2007)
- succeeded: node-structure template-based two-window multiuser website
running on php with mysql database, administration part implemented
into front-end, with dynamic forums, video and audio embedding,
photo galleries, node history, basic statistics, print, and other
traditional functions
- description of structure from preparatory phase, aug 2005:
- tool adapted for so-on.be (by dusan), code31.lahaag.org and xmedk.be
(by gert)

* participation at transmutation workshop, april 06
- failed: participation itself, did not connect to the structure being
developed constructively
- during workshop made few experiments:
- notes from workshop discussions in automatic form, "process the
virtual distillation by cooking food into nice physical language",
and the word frequency table out of it
- visual mapping of reading max bense's small abstract aesthetics,
"in every aesthetic generative process the selective freedom of
the artist is continuously consumed into the product of the
distribution of material elements of his/her repertory (words,
imagery, fictions, meanings)."

* realtime documentation project on public 01 event, 24-26 may 06
- Experiment with the paper form documentation of public event as
being part of the event itself. Using the lo-res tools (dictaphone,
digital camera, dtp software, printer) the final printed publication
included the risks such as inconsistency, absence of criticism,
shortlife concepts, and even blah-blah statements.
- magazine features interviews with Dirk Paesmans (jodi.org),
Maja Kuzmanovic (f0.am), Darko Fritz (media artist and curator),
Andrei Smirnov (Theremin Center) and bits from IRC moderated by
Alejandra Nunez Perez and Yves Degoyon during the panels on beauty in
the age of digital art, transdisciplinary practices and media art in
eastern and central Europe
- fifteen copies of the magazine were printed and given away at the spot
- PDF available for free download:
- content available free also at okno.be/?id=830

* two presentations at okno public 01 event, 25-26 may 06
- "comments on recent media art in SK and CZ" at "media-art in
eastern and central europe" round table
- "comments on networking as a creative act" at "networks! a look
into the future" round table

* okno-13m3 BE/NL-SK networking at summer open academy, august 06
- not aimed as an active participation of okno+friends at workshops,
however group used space creatively and took part in pure data
workshop, marthe in cultural mgmt workshop, and (what's this guy's
name?!) performed heavily
- overall SOA is still to be evaluated

* lot of constructive discussion with guy, including off-okno things,
thorough all year

* brussels media art scene mapping, especially first part of year during
- still most of it in paper form, the will to put it all online at



* altogether 3 visits in bxl's OKNO hq: january or february 06 (?, not
sure), april 06 (during transmutation workshop), may 06 (during public 01)

* received 1500 eur + bratislava/prague-brussels travel expenses

what could be better and what was positive

* could be better
- inconsistent communication, esp. second half of the year,
in the summer due to preparation of summer open academy in bratislava,
and then the re-connection to/with okno somehow did not happen,
due to my projects in bratislava and prague. at the end of the
year started to get better (both sides).
- i did not learn a word in flemish :)

* what i find positive
- having my work and approach confronted with new people of various
- open possibilities
- intensity of discussions; in BA/SK i was used to: first do it
without much talk and then don't even discuss it afterwards
- annemie's very kind hosting and sharing at her place
- balanced physical and online communication
- networking with people active at media/net culture scene,
both related and unrelated to okno organization, ie.
at public01, transmutation workshop, BXL, transmediale,
meetings with guy at different places, etc.
- access to media/net art/culture literature and music material
at guy's and annemie's archives, lot of it of a rare nature
- as an illustration of professional progress made during residency,
one can compare my visioning of 2006 before and the final output
mentioned above.
"For the 2006 residency i am thinking about exploring the field
of remediating the communist utopia recordings into the telematic
context. of approaching both the communist predators and underground
through the looking glass of digital media.
In this i would focus on the period of eastern block's 1980s speaches,
manifestos and other leftover propaganda as a source material for
today's software manipulation."

possible follow-ups (2007)

* audio implementation
- realize the preparation plans for "radio" at okno site with respect
to its nodal structure.
- use javascript to prevent auto-load of audio files
- mainly with: junior
- details:
we keep the audio structure within database,
when under audio categories (ie. perfos, installations, interviews etc)
- okno.be/?id=14
when each audio file is different node with 1 or more categories as
and with parameters title, date, location, size/duration, notes.
after clicking for instance "interviews"
we could only list its kids - audio nodes each with five parameters
altogether with 2 buttons: "add to playlist" and "play".
thanks to javascript, the file would be played after clicking
either "play playlist" or "play file".
zina is solved similarly, but as i said, depends on file structure
instead of database.
if we would want to group audio files within let's say "performances"
we could do it and have the structure like this:
+ performances (category, possibly plus description and images)
+ okno public april 2006 (description and images)
+ audio file 1
+ audio file 2
+ audio file 3
+ after radio february 2007 (description and images)
+ audio file 1
+ audio file 2
+ installations
+ audio file 1
+ audio file 2
+ okno public april 2006 (description and images)
+ audio file 1
+ audio file 2
+ interviews
+ audio file 1
+ audio file 2
+ audio file 3
note: each "+" is a different node.

* print on demand
- possibility for user to create PDFs out of material on okno site
- mainly with: annemie

* interwiki
- create a connection bwn websites on a database and file level
- mainly with: gert

* visualizations
- evolve methods for collaborative process visualization
- example: dusan.idealnypartner.sk/notepad/node.london/


* overal 3-4 meetings in BXL (feb, spring, fall 07)
- on february: POD, audio, interwiki, junior's robot
- time:
- december - POD research
- 1st half of 2007 - POD programming and application + zina, interwiki
- 2nd half of 2007 - will stem out of 1st half




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