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proceedings of the baku 2022 foundation  


society of algorithm     print
wednesday february 07, 2007 7pm
live at 13m3 studena bratislava
or chat from your desktop at home
or watch the stream from your coach

the BAKU 2022 FOUNDATION is inviting you kindly to its second proceedings evening:

3 participation modes:
- live at 13m3 studena bratislava (tranzit studios studena 12 bratislava next to tesco)
- chat from your desktop at home: point to freenode.net #B22F
- watch the stream from your coach: connect at qt.okno.be:8000/B22F_02.sdp

... is the total failure of our culture against the background of an overwhelming 'globalisation without vision' to be read from the way we are expressing ourselves creatively? after the dismantling of art by philosophy (and art itself too, but that is fine...) what do we mean when we think of beauty? and how do we really make it? what do we want to achieve by it? is there still a manual of new stylistics with the purpose to reach the other (needed/possible)? how do we want to tell something? what do we hear and see, what do you want to say exactly? are we different from our disappearing parents watching the same daily feed of self imitating programs on tv? is there still a poetics here?

the program is hosted supported organized by society of algorithm and mxhz.org, 13m3.sk+tranzit, 34.sk, okno.be and documented on societyofalgorithm.org/B22F while you can contact b22f {-at-} societyofalgorithm.org for more information etc...




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