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towards a collaborative networked soundproject!

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For the third OKNO public, we'll take a somewhat different approach.
We take a more receptive angle as a source of inspiration and collaboration towards a larger project in the fall.
In an informal living room setting we'll discuss presentations in the context of this project which although as of yet undefined already contains the seeds for developing into new territories.
As firm believers of emergent bottom-up processes we wouldn't dare dispute the value of such budding seedlings.
The sessions are open for anyone to join and we aim to have a broad range of participators, guided by our local and international friends.

We are embedded in the international waves project but try to escape to a particle perspective.
Recent developments such as the Large Hadron Collider, a 20km machine moloch recreating a situation similar to the universe as it was at the beginning of time, inspire us to get back to the particle view.
Particles are units.
Our grains, pixels, bits, letters, memes, individuals connect to network complexes, giving us sound, image, data, text, knowledge and society.
The way these complexes behave and interact are surprisingly scarce. Arguably the same processes - algorithms - are the basis of phenomena of wildly varying scope.
Dawkins identifies memes as replicating ideas, analogous (not metaphorical!) to the darwinian replication of organisms.
Large myotic networks are huge underground organisms spanning hundreds of kilometres, but lies the individual in the superstructure or the unit?
The unfortunately suffering Great Barrier Reef is supposedly the largest organism alive, but at such standards, human society is as much an organism as are the arachnids and insects that dwell our homes.
The key to grasping this matter is to be able to switch from astronomical level to the quantum to the personal without effort.
The knowledge that the processes in our brain are not unlike the creation of stars and that the frequency (pitch) of any matter defines it identity. That the feeling of rythm shares the same token as an intense conversation.
All this is intrinsically and dynamically intertwined with both time and space -in more intruiging ways than we can cover here.

Now, where does this leave us?
It leaves us matters that have a direct relation to all media be it sound, image, software, smell or taste.
From granular synthesis over 3D particle streams to genetic algorithms, they link over and over into eachother forming larger, self-similar structures.
Then, we need a way to organize these structures into coherent wholes.
This all points to the free wireless network reseau citoyen and to connect both spaces, people and their senses to eachother. The time and space of things carry their identity, so all must be space and time-specific.
Let's hope the dynamics behind collaboration we'll explore evolve to such a scheme, as it seems natural to do so.






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