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reseau citoyen is a project for a user-run wireless network (for internet access) via wi-fi, free of big operators, run by the people for the people.
Réseau Citoyen is not an organisation, it's much more a phenomenon...
Beside its technological aspects, "Réseau Citoyen" is a vector for ideas ..

Radio waves occur naturally. Society puts the biggest emphasis on the ability of waves to carry signals. Radio, television and mobile telephony are some of the most widely used applications... more

concept:islands is a fourth polar circuit workshop and residency for media artists and researchers. It takes place in the summer of 2008 in the Baltic Sea archipelago on islands with moderate housing, good cooking and challenging technological settings... more

The Acoustic Space Lab is a series of co-projects that explores acoustic dimension of networked media space. Initiated by the RIXC and E-LAB from Riga, Latvia, the Acoustic Space Lab projects are involving various sound artists, net... more

Translocal radio workshops develop hybrid radio and media art practices in two locations in the Barents Sea region. Inter-connected artist led workshops in Kirkenes (No) and Murmansk (Ru) bring together media and sound artists and community groups to develop content locally... more


# here you can look at some recent work.
# you can see a list of current and pending projects and publications
# you can look at my CV
# look at and listen to some documentation of past projects... more


A sound and image tour of the radio lives and works that have been encountered by Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann in their last one and a half years on the road around Europe... more

I would like to bring a subject that relates both to urban interventions and to performance. Both domains are crossed by the practice of radio. Media performs a landscape of events (Virilio) that extends and creates space over crowded fields of information... more

The Machine Age Radio Let’s imagine a future when all that exists can be translated into code (genetical, digital ...). In this case, Radio would no longer just follow the 20th century trend of a concept of radio broadcasting as a means to transmit messages from a transmitter to a receiver; it would relate to all the devices that insure that the global informational eco-system keeps going... more





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