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okno public03  

oknopublic#3 | performances

wednesday april 04, 2007 – saturday april 07, 2007
okno brussels
During our Public mini festival, we present nocturnal performance sessions related to the discussions of the day.
Every evening performances start around 21h and will continue to about 23h, there will be no performance on thursday.
On Saturday, everything is mixed up as Society of Algorithm brings a fresh B22F event of discussions and performances, starting at 19h.
If you can't be there physically, you can catch the video stream here: okno.be

Performances wednesday 04.04.07 – from 9pm -> 11pm

Tonic train (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann)
Sarah and Knut form the ongoing duo Tonic Train.
For her sounds Sarah Washinton creates hand-made electronic musical machines using bastardizing techniques such as circuit-bending on toys, ultrasonic devices and radio paraphernalia.
Knut Aufermann uses modified feedback of a mixing desk and radio transmitter circuits.

Justin Bennett will combine field recordings with live inputs and processing.
He's an artist and composer working with sound and visual media. While living in Sheffield in the 1980's he colllaborated with bands such as Hula, TAGC, and Fabricata Illuminata. Since 1989 he is based in the Netherlands. Bennett is best known for his work with field recordings, which he uses to create installations, soundwalks, CD-releases and live performances. Much of his work is concerned with urban space and the relationship of sound to space and location.

Little Solar System (Haraldur Karlson)
The Little Solarsystem is an audiovisual performance originated by focusing on the rhythmical signals produced by our own little solar system. Taking the speed of time, signals and the location of the present, using human body controllers gives the experiment a view on another dimension. Hard facts are mixed with fantasy. As a work in progress based project, things can go to unexpected galaxies. The Little Solar system is prepared. Might there be a change to see and hear an inverted black hole?

Performances friday 06.04.07 – from 9pm -> 11pm

G-player.com (Jens Brand)
After G-Turns turned on at Oldenburg, Berlin and Luxembourg in spring 2007 our company decided to visit the home of OKNO for a little Q & A. On top, Mr. Brand, our sales and marketing representative will have the pleasure to hand out free BEELINERS to the people of Brussels!
So don't miss it and join us at OKNO!

ecoradio (APO33)
The radiophonic ecology is the reduction of produced materials and the recycling of other radio broadcasts available on the web.
With this approach APO33 will use their own webradio production as sound source for aa performance and recycling webradio device. We see the radio as potential waste. The sound production as trash potential for a recycling radiophonic transmission and a way to rebuild our own production. No one will organize the recycling system, only a machine will use this material to re-compose a new piece based on its own development and its own logic.

Machines are composed of technological and non-technological elements. We can look at hardware, software and tools in general as - at least, a continuation of meshed ideas. Based on networks of conversation, pueblo wants to focus her sound performance on different talks maintained with people. Ideas and spontaneous connections that rise through sharing time and a common ground for inspiration may become the basis for material assemblages.

Performances saturday 07.04.07 – from 7pm -> 11pm

Society of Algorithm
An hour of topological études for network pieces
Baku 2022 foundation will realize a streaming proceeding on 7 april 2007, 7 pm. within the framework of OKNO's public #3
The theme is 'the complexity of collaboration' and deals with the way we are performing using small meaningful units such as material, process, abstraction, hypothetical construct, etc... in a network situation: simple ideas combined
would result in a complex outcome, people say - so let's try and see....
Guest appearances to be expected from the audience members and invitees attending OKNO's public #3 mini festival, as well as other online artists

Masato Tsutsui, Jeroen Uytendael and Isjtar
Masato Tsutsui, Jeroen Uytendaele and Isjtar get together for a casual electrified jam. Post technoid textures, sonic rainclouds and architectural visuals melt together into a calamity of which the outcome is uncertain. Rhythm, timbre and polygons are the parameters that keep us together and will form the skeleton of the session.



wednesday april 04, 2007
okno, brussels

wednesday april 04, 2007
okno, brussels


sunday april 06, 2008
okno, brussels

friday april 06, 2007
okno, brussels

friday april 06, 2007
okno, brussels



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