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oknopublic#3 | participants background information

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- Tapio Mäkelä
- Givan Bela
- Isjtar
- Masato Tsutsui
- Ivan Markoff and olivier
- Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann
- Justin Bennett
- Alejandra Perez Nunez
- Apo33 (Sophie Gosselin and Julien Ottavi)
- Dusan Barok
- Magde Kobzova
- Barbara Huber
- Haraldur Karlsson
- jens brand
- Pieter Heremans
- Jeroen Uyttendaele
- Arjen Keesmaat
- Annemie Maes
- Gert Aertsen
- ianthe
- B22F online participants




Tapio Mäkelä is a researcher and a media artist based in Helsinki, Finland.
He has recently been researcher as part of a Finnish Arts Council and Academy of Finland funded project, USED, based at HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) and m-cult, Finnish Centre for New Media Culture... more


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Masato Tsutsui is a Japanese visual artist who teaches Max-MSP-Jitter at the art-management company "Dance and Media Japan" .
He Is a collaborator of the online magazine "Traksy" and is part of the performance group "ONZO"

Sarah Washington works in the fields of experimental music, electronic instrument building and radio. She has been a cultural worker for many years in London, a Director of the London Musicians' Collective and long-term management member of the radio station Resonance 104... more

Justin Bennett is an artist and composer working with sound and visual media. While living in Sheffield in the 1980's he colllaborated with bands such as Hula, TAGC, and Fabricata Illuminata... more

elpueblodechina a.k.a. Alejandra Pérez Nunez is a sound artist and performer working with FLOSS tools, electronics and critical writing. She has a degree in psychology and aesthetics from Universidad Catolica de Chile and a M... more

APO33, as an interdisciplinary laboratory drawing on the artistic and technological fields, fosters various collective projects associating research, experimentation and social intervention... more





Arjen is an interaction designer and media artist, graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts (The Netherlands),
faculty of Art, Media and Technology, now active developing media-installations, from in concept to realisation... more



ianthe   more   print
I studied clinical psychology (VUB), Philosophy (UA), forensical
psychiatry (UZA), I took a restaurantowners course and other field
orientated seminars (psychology, philosophy, screenwriting,
photography, ... more

haraldur karlsson, audio visual artist from Reykjavik, Iceland, was studying and living in Holland and Denmark, travelled between America, Europe and Iceland as a cook on a ship, did a lot of performances and video concerts and is the initiator of the little solar system, project starte in 2000 and running till 2020... more

Jens Brand was born 1968 in Dortmund. He lives and works in Cologne. 1988-94 he studied free arts at the Kunstakademie of Münster. Under the influence of Phil Niblock and the experience of performances at Het Apollohuis (Akio Suzuki, Yunko Wada and Paul Panhuysen) he turned to experimental music und sound art ... more



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