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polar circuit workshops: islands

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concept:islands is a fourth polar circuit workshop and residency for media artists and researchers. It takes place in the summer of 2008 in the Baltic Sea archipelago on islands with moderate housing, good cooking and challenging technological settings.

The theme for island 1 is “ecology & wireless media arts practices”. It will be hosted and moderated by Tapio Mäkelä. The Baltic Sea has severe ecological problems caused by over-nutrition, loss of oxygen, and heavy metals in its sediments. I am hoping that some, but not all proposals would deal directly with the Baltic Sea. I will personally work with a game oriented project using green algae.

Ad Hoc networks and other activities should be also proposed for the workshop. A set of canoes, wind surfing boards, boats, solar panels, and the like will be part of the available resources. Participants should bring their own computers and electronics.

concept:islands is not a game yet also game like proposals are welcome. It is not a TV-reality show either. The project is represented through moblogs, podcasts and wikis – and forms designed by the participants.

Polar circuit is a workshop and residency series developed by Tapio Mäkelä that began in 1997 in Northern Finland. With later editions of 1998 and 2000, the workshop brought together nearly 200 media artists for 3-8 weeks to collaborate, cook, workshop, and interact under the midnight sun. Organized in a very low budget manner, there was no pressure to produce visible results to a public at the end of each session. Participants would however produce a lot of new work and start collaborations, many of which are active today. Also a loose network of polar circuit participants keeps in touch. This network also facilitated a Solar Circuit workshop in Tasmania, Australia in 2002.

Participants will receive a letter of invitation and they are expected to seek funding for travel and sustainability from their countries of residence. The project as a whole will distribute its funding for project resources and production and will be applied for in Autumn 2007 based on the theme+participant proposals. Project itself is in June or August 2008.




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