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barentsee project: translocal radio workshops

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Translocal radio workshops develop hybrid radio and media art practices in two locations in the Barents Sea region. Inter-connected artist led workshops in Kirkenes (No) and Murmansk (Ru) bring together media and sound artists and community groups to develop content locally. The work is presented through public events and temporary listening environments as well as through Internet radio and temporary FM.

Translocal radio workshop series is developed by media artist Tapio Mäkelä (Fi) in collaboration with Pikene på Broen in Kirkenes and artist collective led by Maria Rusinovskaya in Murmansk, and other partners.

Workshop 1 introduces Internet and FM radio skills and community & location based artistic practices. It ends up in a demonstration day of projects started during the workshop but does not yet aim at a large public event. 2-4 visiting artists lead tutorials, support technical setup and facilitate projects.

Workshop 2 is focused on producing well conceptualized and community related hybrid radio projects combined with public presentations and performances. Equally important is for the workshop to create a sustainable production environment that can operate after the workshop. Workshop 2 is longer in duration and will host 6-8 visiting media artists.

Production is multi-lingual with an emphasis on Russian and Norwegian content. Through collaboration with other artist-led hybrid radio projects some content will also be designed in English for wider distribution. The workshop will result in public projects that use the streets or other public spaces in innovative ways. The use of FM in Russia in particular is subject to access to temporary licenses. If not successful, collaboration with an existing FM station is an alternative.

Translocality in this project means connecting locations across borders and within the regions.




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