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mobile radio: A Radio Travelogue

sarah washington and knut aufermann     print

A sound and image tour of the radio lives and works that have been encountered by Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann in their last one and a half years on the road around Europe.
Working in more than a dozen countries and meeting people from all over Europe, visiting their projects, doing workshops and participating in radio conferences, festivals and live-to-air events, has give these 'radio gypsies' a unique overview of the state of experimental radio activity across Europe today. In this presentation they will also give you a taste of their own approach to radio production, and demonstrate how their ongoing enthusiasm for the medium allows them to develop singular radio events in cooperation with others.

Mobile Radio has been established to connect Knut and Sarah's varied work across Europe. They take part in a number of projects that involve them in festivals and conferences, giving workshops, lecturing and playing live music on a regular basis. Due to the success of the radio station that they helped to create in London - Resonance 104.4FM - they are often invited as guest 'radio experts' by projects tapping into the current of re energized interest in radio and radio art. Mobile Radio is an ongoing touring project that enables Knut and Sarah to search for artists who want to realize concepts through the medium of radio. Through Mobile Radio they provide quality technical and production skills that can be called on by others to enhance or develop a radio project. It is also a personal artistic journey to create radio works from interesting encounters and incidental material collected along the way. Their mission is to seek out new forms of radio art by taking radio production out of the studio environment.




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