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public space soundactivism : bending informational systems

alejandra perez nunez     print
I would like to bring a subject that relates both to urban interventions and to performance. Both domains are crossed by the practice of radio. Media performs a landscape of events (Virilio) that extends and creates space over crowded fields of information. What I would like to expose is a reflection on various ways to make interventions over these mediascapes to produce resonances within and through symbolic spaces. I want to refer to the development of strategies to perform patterns over mediascapes using radio as an interface.

I want to introduce the concept of media polygons as abstract representations of media configurations performing in the physical space of radio frequencies. As an example, a radio broadcast realized in Valparaiso, Chile where we made a program in a community FM radio station using content retransmitted from internet radio sources and live conversations with feminist lesbian groups as an action to break the homogeneity of local media landscape where lesbians don't have a place in the public imaginary and internet is a small and sometimes elitist circuit.

Strategies of visibility: Informational patterns to be performed against the mediascape Multiple strategies have to be invented and re-appropriated in order to erode the currents of present media. Tetsuo Kogawa speaks of "micro-radio," where radio stations are reappropriated by individuals or small groups. I would like to add to this, the relocation of on-line broadcasts to open frequencies, and the amplification of closed circuits of information coming from the Internet landscape, that of hackers or that of sexual minorities to the public of FM frequencies. I think we need to pipe content instead of producing it. I consider radio interventions a way to facilitate the acceleration and diffusion of social monades. Changes of the imaginary are followed by their microscopic activity of groups that represent the non-represented and invisible.

Units in exile that can link together

Circulation within mediascapes is controlled by agendas of different sorts that have an effect on the legitimization of cultural contents. The politics of circulation and networks brings into view the cybernetics of media. We are focusing on the micropolitical space where subtle transductions and overt collisions against subjectivities are being performed by market driven logics. Some subjects are visible in media, some are not. Continuous ramps of information perform circuits and patterns. Subjectivity is shaped over media assembly lines. I propose to look into the relevance of designing interventions to perform against the homogeneity of mediascapes. My lecture performance will be using radio content and micro FM radio transmitters using the following bending strategies: retransmission / cut-up / overflow / persistent use of discontinuity / silence / recursion / recycling




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