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day 2: 05/04/07   oknopublic#3 | participants background information  

sarah washington and knut aufermann

Sarah Washington works in the fields of experimental music, electronic instrument building and radio. She has been a cultural worker for many years in London, a Director of the London Musicians' Collective and long-term management member of the radio station Resonance 104.4FM. She plays concerts of improvised electronic music with many collaborators, including her ongoing duo with Knut Aufermann called Tonic Train. For her sounds she creates hand-made electronic musical machines using bastardizing techniques such as circuit-bending on toys, ultrasonic devices and radio paraphernalia. Sarah creates innovative radio works, writes articles on radio, experimental music and sound art, performs unusual DJ sets, and teaches workshops for major cultural institutions across Europe. She is a founder member of the international network of independent radio stations called Radia and has recently completed more than a year of the perpetually-travelling European radio and sound art project Mobile Radio.

Knut Aufermann, born 1972 in Hagen (Germany), studied chemistry at the Universities of Hamburg and Potsdam. In 1998 he moved to London to study audio engineering and in 2002 gained a Master degree in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University.
From 2002–2005 he was the station manager of Resonance104.4fm, London’s unique radio art station and has produced dozens of shows for the station. Besides this he plays improvised electronic music in many groups such as Tonic Train, The Bosch Experience, London Improvisers Orchestra, duos with Phil Minton and Lol Coxhill as well as solo and other ad hoc combinations, with hundreds of concerts across Europe.
In 2004 he curated and played in the UK tour Feedback: Order from Noise, featuring a.o. Alvin Lucier and Otomo Yoshihide.
He is currently active across Europe as a lecturer, musician, organizer, writer, curator and consultant. Recent engagements include workshops for the British Council, Dutch Art Institute and Profile Intermedia, consultancy for Radio Copernicus, lectures at the Universities of Brighton, Central Saint Martins and curation for the European radio.territories project.
Together with Sarah Washington he runs the project Mobile Radio (mobile-radio.net) investigating alternative means of radio production. Their works have been broadcast in 12 countries. He is also an active member of the international Radia network of independent cultural radio stations (radia.fm).
His personal website is knut.klingt.org




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