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elpueblodechina a.k.a. Alejandra Pérez Nunez is a sound artist and performer working with FLOSS tools, electronics and critical writing. She has a degree in psychology and aesthetics from Universidad Catolica de Chile and a M.A. in media design from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. My practice as a sound artist is currently focused in radio performance and DIY electronics. I work with a few groups on cartography and social networks. In Barcelona with the group around mapOmatix, a story-telling tool developed by Yves Degoyon. With RedActiva (http:// redactiva.org) and local graffiti groups we have worked on territorial interventions. In Paris I collaborate with Bureau d'etudes and the online archives of Universite Tangente (http:// www.u-tangente.org).In Chile, I have worked in Medios Libres (FLOSS media), together with el cyber taller of Centro Cultural ex -Cárcel and Yves Degoyon . I have made live performances in festivals and places as Piksel (Bergen with d. R. e. G. S.), Jonctions (Brussels), v2_center for the unstable media (Rotterdam), WORM (Rotterdam), Hangar (Barcelona with d. R. e. G. S.) and Ecos festival (Nantes). I was recently a resident of the Theremin Center in Moscow.




I would like to bring a subject that relates both to urban interventions and to performance. Both domains are crossed by the practice of radio. Media performs a landscape of events (Virilio) that extends and creates space over crowded fields of information... more



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