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Listening networks

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observing the structure of a network

Sometimes technology can be a source of inspiration for developing practices beyond the technological realm. This can be symptomatic of our discontent with technique and of the question of how can we make our tools express the dynamics of the people involved in their development and use?

It is somehow risky to make a direct comparison between technology/science and society, but taking into consideration the differences that may exist, we would like to make a parallel observation upon both, the technical infrastructure of a city wide open wireless network and the processes involved in the exchanges between organizations and engaged individuals.

Looking at reseau citoyen infrastructure we see nodes transmitting packets of information, they can be seen as technological particles exchanging one sort of informational nature based on the protocols that make this communication possible.

If we consider the different organizations working on the fields of audio mapping, storytelling, squatting, experimental sound and radio practices as particles exchanging with other particles, what is the nature of these exchanges?
Undoubtedly human protocols are more complex than technological ones, nevertheless the nature of a wireless network mesh shares quite a lot of the unpredictability that we can expect from social organisms.

making audible the sound of a network

What if we overlap these different organisations and practitioners involved in the production of sound over a technological infrastructure that provides a service on a city scale?

Would these technological nodes/particles be changed by the nature of the social/artistic practices? Would the nature of these particles be modified on the symbiosis triggered by the coupling between the technological infrastructure and the city/social/artistic practices?

What new organism can we expect to rise out of a city-scale soundscape project for Brussels ?.

With lots of enthusiasm we want to engage into a sound adventure made out of discursive, social, technological, artistic and yet to be discovered particles!

recommended reading

by Adrian Mackenzie:
The strange meshing of impersonal and personal forces in technological action

Stars, meshes, grids: urban network-images and the embodiment of wireless infrastructures




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