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background - RADIO TOWERS and XCHANGE

Radio Tower Xchange is the closing event of the WAVES project, which was collaboratively implemented by the RIXC (LV), OKNO (BE), TESLA (DE), ELLIPSE (FR), PROJEKT ATOL (SI) and PERFORMING PICTURES / INTERACTIVE INSTITUTE (SE) during 2006-2007. The WAVES project is supported by EU Culture 2000 programme and Latvian Ministry of Culture.

* background - RADIO TOWERS and XCHANGE

...As well as being architecturally significant, Radio Towers have played a remarkable role in history and a valuable role in the evolution of radio science since the beginning of last century. However with the recent developments in wireless internet technologies these towers that were sites exclusively used for government and commerical broadcasts, are now largely symbols of frequency commodification. The stately towers and masts now are encircled by a multitude of self-organising public wifi networks. Unregulated space, the new
public broadcast space, is infectous, it finds new ways to communicate new
things, and broadcasting is becoming a behaviour which is daily and
inevitable. Transmitting, is becoming part of the fabric of urban existence...

...In these unregulated spaces Xchange Network (xchange.re-lab.net) has been provoking cultural, artistic and theoretical practice and discourse since the advent of streaming media in the mid 90's. Xchange reflected the new approach to collaborative, autonomous ad-hoc broadcasting. Network broadcasts were common place for the first years of Xchange, with each node in the network contributing to a online cacophony where no single node could be distinguished in the mix from another. Ownership was impossible to maintain and hence forgotten. Participation became the goal. The sharing of transmissions was more exciting than the simultaneous reception of the same transmission. The doors to the broadcast towers were not forced open by these pioneers but ignored, and the landmark symbols of one-to-many broadcasting was replaced by rambling a network of many-to-many net.casters...
RTX is both a homage and a criticque of the broadcasting philosophies and histories the radio towers represent, and an investigation into the evolving practice of unregulated online broadcasting...
(Adam Hyde, RTX)




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