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participations and contributions of participants, presenters, fascilitators, artists on oknopublic03.
it's a place to continue discussions and collaborations. keep us updated with news about your work, reflections on your experiences during the 'public03', things you liked and disliked, inspiring ideas for future meetings, artistic off-springs ... etc.

reflect on growing networks, artist-run organisations, the definition of 'collectives' and the meaning of "space" in media-art.
this is a growing section (of collaboration)!



OKNOPUBLIC#03/WAVES was the result of the collaborative effort of different organisations, initiatives and artists. During 4 days it brought together people who have an interest in looking at new ideas for creative work, willing to question their own practices... more


tuesday april 10, 2007
Okno public brought together a good mix of practitioners into a flexibly moderated set of talks, discussions and performances. During the workshop I was left thinking about the distance created by an investment of value into technology as a source, not the site of expression, communication and construction of meaning... more

Ecoradio: reviewing a radio/production, eco-logical, illogical, sorcerers apprentices.

Linking eco and radio production, we can look at it from different angles, rerouting, quoting, recycling, researching, replaying, alternating: build up/reduction.
‘Eco’ first had to do with the Greek home and evolved out of reduction, eco: less of something… It also talks of recycling, of using again and again, in another dimension. An extra out of a different potential, phantas(ma)tic, specter like, in another space/time, out of this time

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i am not going to lecture anyone. firstly i'm not in the position to do so and
secondly this is not what i want to do anyway. so i will leave out the words i
spoke in okno where i was placed on a white couch together with alejandra and
apo33 to talk and felt like in a talkshow anyway - so this is done and the
lecture is over and the white couches should be abandoned from our heads... more


here is the midi file,
if you look at the notes there is The Chaos!
But, no sophisticated composers in a group...
(exept you!)
I guess I did not like the idea of cleaning... more


In the foreground on the left are more than 50 people on the ground falling backwards as a crowd. They do so because of three horse-mounted policemen charging at them from the right foreground of the photograph... more



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