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In the foreground on the left are more than 50 people on the ground falling backwards as a crowd. They do so because of three horse-mounted policemen charging at them from the right foreground of the photograph. There are three men in between these two parties either trying to sustain the situation, or flee. In the background there is a great mass of army personel struggling to move. The whole situation seems to take place on a upwards slope of land, and therefore on the horizon above the mass of army personel rises a construction-type vehicle carrying more army personel who hang on the sides of the vehicle either to flee the mob of people or to position themselves manuverable in case they are to get involved in the crowd. The general atmosphere is that of a mass struggle and of a hostile/combative nature although no weapons are drawn.
The people on the ground in the left foreground seem to all be Jewish men - due to the many with beards, Yamakas on their head and orthodox haircuts (with curled-hair alongside the ears). They are struggling to remain positioned on the ground. The mounted police are less identifiable as individual persons due to the protective gear that cover their heads and bodies (even their horses have protective shields over their eyes). Their uniforms are black, their horses all brown. This causes for an interesting pallette of colors as the crowd on the ground are mostly dressed in blue, the mob of army personel on in the background mostly dressed in military green. There are very little warm tones (red/yellow) in the photo. The sky is blue and the surroundings seem to be dry as there is much dust in the air caused by the insuing struggle.




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