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proceedings of the baku 2022 foundation  

B22F#6 about imaginary and realtime

the rouchean imagination/reality implosion
saturday june 09, 2007
Plsen, Cz / Pilzen, usa
Jean Rouche was an original cineast to work on the concept of the so-called Cinéma Vérité or Cinéma Réalité. For him the difference between reality and imagination was a genuine property within the arts, where border crossings occur all the time. In the summer of 1960 together with sociologist Edgar Morin, he realized Chronique d'un été. The advent of lighter equipment, hand-held cameras, and a better synchronisation technology between sound and film equipment was prolific in these days. But what about the impact on genre and concept of equipment we are using now? How does the digital technology, non- and real-time processing and montage influence our aesthetical choices these days? Is the same dilemma at stake when we are creating? Or is it obsolete?


"There are two ways to conceive of the cinema of the Real: the first is to pretend that you can present reality to be seen; the second is to pose the problem of reality. In the same way, there were two ways to conceive cinéma vérité. The first was to pretend that you brought truth. The second was to pose the problem of truth." (Edgar Morin)

Exceptionally, the Baku 2022 Foundation is bringing a stream from Plzen, Tsjech Republic. invited by Lenka Dolanova (now in Pilsen Chicago, US) and Michal Kindernay (now in Plzen, Tsjech Republic, EU) on their joint project from both locations. We simply watch and see as different views may comment one another.





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