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ecoradio : digital recycling & machinic minimalism

shared writings & cut-up by Bernard Robic & Julien Ottavi - creative translation by Hervé Gosselin     print
Ecoradio: reviewing a radio/production, eco-logical, illogical, sorcerers apprentices.

Linking eco and radio production, we can look at it from different angles, rerouting, quoting, recycling, researching, replaying, alternating: build up/reduction.
‘Eco’ first had to do with the Greek home and evolved out of reduction, eco: less of something… It also talks of recycling, of using again and again, in another dimension. An extra out of a different potential, phantas(ma)tic, specter like, in another space/time, out of this time.

Think ecoradio? But we are not aliens, or so little, or we’d move to a form perilously totalitarian, of total recycling, already happening more than you can fathom in new wirelesses. Accessible: the only one, super squeezed through modulation or reduction. As tiny as you can vibrate: a sigh, a whisper, a breath, a shudder maybe and our ecoradio feeds on the specific, on itself, auto-trash out of order, of function, out of step, out of shape, collapsing and banned out of the universe of the efficient.

Ever since, we produce, create, we generate, we fork out radios, we undig unknowingly radio flows, from anywhere, from whatever, anyhow, we ‘stream’, or flow or flush or pour even the commonest webradios of elder performances or the odd occasion (case of the ‘inaudible’ series).
All this accumulated stuff produces seven webradio circles, more or less, heard or not, depending on the content or what turns up (sound archives, sound installations, ‘poulpe’, Beyond radio…).

Ecoradio finally appears when the question of the ebb is raised, faces itself, confronts us and this build up of production, this obsession that we call production. But does it remain obsessive as it flies away, bumping on to its perfection, on a soft sounding, in a soft landing.
Ecoradio is the option drifting out of the building up, to be replayed in another way, to pour over the flow, we never know how it is going to end up, recycling trash out of other gadgets.

Things happen – out of (re)digesting devices, or functions. This device reset, revitalized the continuous drift, vomiting the bits in an non-emotive form, away from the body, nearer in relation to the permanent and machinic, recycling – production seen as trash enables you-us to study from afar its auto-poiesis, production looping over itself, in order to discuss, argue, overlay… think of failure or trash as creative potential, exploded by the machine, the reality grinding machine, de-realizing, unbending it into penance. This machine is this wishful machine that wishes for us, who fails to see our own signs, hiding behind a mask in order to challenge reality’s unconscious, boundless reality that we try to control beyond our existence, this mask terminally estranged, operating this vibrating intuition, unlocking this self congratulation, this oscillation, broadcast to ‘all’, i.e. to nobody.

Here, the creation of the machine is shadowed by another self, by the relics coming out of failure or is it still eco-ego-emo, or the production of the unliving, bloodless and meatless, the stairway to the unavoidable heaven of our cyborgification? Becoming machine being the only fate we can assume? When will the lack of humanity trigger the inevitable collapse that is bound to occur in any machine? You-we have lost sight of the failure mark and the-your mistakes in the machines’ operations.

Trash, leftover, machine, ecoradio, radios, these concepts are made of others: of flows, production, automation… replaying the death of all production by copying life at its utmost. You fear death, or the end of life, the alpha version of the eco-system. The flow cannot be controlled when it is out of time; it can be framed, but not its essence. Artaud could never have been controlled like Burroughs, except maybe the metal and its rattle. But, we agree, flows cannot be controlled and failure pours everywhere, even the oddest, something out of nothing, a prolonged silence or a contact. The outcome cannot be guessed or replicated, it is out of time because it does not exist twice in the same time/space continuum, this vibrating dimension that is never repeated, nor functional, never calculated nor managed, never identical, a variable of the devenir in progress…

So, the ecoradio… a new form of radio? No, it is not new: not only radio because it hears the flow and its passage, a coming back transition, enabling us to digest the sono-poiesis of the digital made flesh with the flow transmitted bit by bit through the holy networks of informal machinic connections. Ecoradio makes this gaze possible, to look, to listen this way. Through this loop, we confront our non-existence beyond ourselves, the flow being as though our voice were permanently authorized beyond the images / femininity recognized in material temporality / necessity of the algebra of the real / such as sleep or the need to eat.




En partant sur le rapport que la production radiophonique entretient avec la notion d'eco, nous pouvons traverser différentes maniére d'aborder la relation : du point de vue du détournement, de la citation, du recyclage, du re-investissement ou bien encore du re-jouer... more

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