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just OKNO  

i'm sitting under an antenna

OKNO opening     print
sunday october 28, 2007 3pm – sunday october 28, 2007 4pm
OKNO, La Maison de la Creation, RTT, L'Ecurie
Connected performance over the Reseau Citoyen network for as part of the Radiophonic Festival and OKNO's opening.
Three locations pass their sounds onto eachother over the network, manipulating the sound chain to a location specific performance.
@OKNO: Isjtar
@Maison de la Creation: St├ęphanie Laforce et Bruno Devuys
@RTT: 24 musicians 24 hour tone




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940