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just OKNO  


A series of internet radio broadcasts curated by Niels Van Tomme     print
with Guy Van Belle (BE), Violet (US), Esther Venrooy (NL), Alberto Gaitán (US)

"Well, if you had a disturbance both about your work and about your daily life, what would you do?" (John Cage)

Disturbance is a temporary change in environmental, societal or personal conditions that causes a pronounced change in a system. Disturbances can have profound immediate effects on these systems and can, accordingly, greatly alter its surroundings. Because of their impact, the effects can continue for an extended period of time.
Sound in itself is a disturbance that propagates through matter as a wave. It activates us to hear things that we were formerly not aware of and can deeply affect our understanding. Four artists have worked around a particular event that has caused a pronounced change in their personal and/or professional life and transmitted this disturbance through sound.

Each Wednesday of November, 9 a.m. EST, live feed: broadcast.umbc.edu:8000/djamu.m3u

Nov 07 – DISTURBANCE#1 – Reconstruction – Guy Van Belle
Nov 14 – DISTURBANCE#2 – Disturbance: Surface Noise Across the Chambers of a Wax Heart, Parts: A,D,E,C,G,H,I – Violet
Nov 21 – DISTURBANCE#3 – Shift Coordinate Points – Esther Venrooy
Nov 28 – DISTURBANCE#4 – WTF – Alberto Gaitán




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