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Next Festival Bratislava opens with Menschen Haben Krizen

Menschen Haben Krizen
feat. Elpueblodechina, Michal K.

Menschen Haben Krizen play a demonic rhythmical carnivalesk-coloured hard freedom loving set: noise calypso! based on Kurt Vonnegut's apocalyptic novel Cat''s Cradle (1962). The band's original setup with Shenggy (People's Republic of China) did not make it despite the pending Schengen, who is last minute reincarnated through the live noiseful frequency spectrum by Elpueblodechina (Chile). And this time Michal K., previously matching Bohemian and Mariachi visuals, is going unruly but exotic again, with an experimental caribic palette: a massage for the eyes.

But like always, in crisis: Menschen Haben Krizen!

December 7 2007 (wasn't pearl harbour bombed today?)
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