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Life is Short and Getting Shorter All the Time

an installation by Sam Ashley (part of The Oracle Project)     print
sunday january 13, 2008 – wednesday january 16, 2008
okno, brussels --- residency, performance and installation

Opening performance january 13th 16h00
First run of the exposition from january 13th to 16th, 14h to 18h (further dates to be announced)

okno.be will premier a new work by Sam Ashley called Life is Short and Getting Shorter All the Time, an installation built from simple electro-mechanical oscillators.



This collection of devices was created especially for the current okno space. Together the instruments can be thought of as an installation, except that in this case "installation" doesn't mean something that exists there on its own, generating sound. Instead the idea is that a visitor to okno can use the devices to generate an individual version of the piece, a concert for one person at a time. When the instruments are positioned on a table or other surface within easy reach of one person, they just fill the space around that person's ears with noise.


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Sam Ashley has devoted his life to the development of an experimental, non-religious mysticism, one rooted in a "find out for yourself" attitude, an attitude he is deeply committed to in direct opposition to so many "traditions"... more



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