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Sam Ashley bio

Sam Ashley has devoted his life to the development of an experimental, non-religious mysticism, one rooted in a "find out for yourself" attitude, an attitude he is deeply committed to in direct opposition to so many "traditions".

His only "belief" is that we can find out for ourselves. His musical, performance and other artistic works are the result of this. He hopes to offer simple windows onto some of the unusual experiences and phenomena of a shamanic lifestyle. Many of his performance works over the last 30 years have featured experiments in authentic spirit possession, for example, and most of his music has dealt in some way with the subject of "hallucination". Many of Sam's works are about coincidence and luck.

For more than 30 years he has used this mysticism in the production of music and art. Those pieces are usually about luck, hallucination and coincidence. Much of Sam's performance work has featured the use of authentic spirit possession. Almost all of Sam's artistic work features trance in some way.

Sam's sound-art works are often about finding ways to amplify imaginary sounds. His pieces can range from symbolic representations of shamanic
phenomena to magic actions presented on stage directly for an audience. Almost always he hopes to create simple windows onto things that occur in-between the "real world" and whatever transcends it.

Sam has performed solo and in collaboration, or presented installations and other kinds of works, around the USA and Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, Indonesia and Cuba.




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