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radio-art performance

gregory whitehead     print
friday february 29, 2008 8.30pm
okno, brussels
live-stream: stream.okno.be:8000/gregory_whitehead.m3u
recording afterwards: okno.be/streaming_media/audio/2008/gregory_whitehead.mp3

Gregory Whitehead is an internationally renowned audio artist, writer, director and producer of well over one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures. His productions have won numerous major awards, including a Prix Italia for Pressures of the Unspeakable, a Prix Futura for Shake, Rattle, Roll and Sony Gold Academy Awards for The Loneliest Road and No Background Music, featuring Sigourney Weaver. He also performs frequently in literary cabarets and media festivals, as well as live-to-air.

For his performance at OKNO, Writing On Air, he will invite us on a journey through twisted tongues and prosthetic voices, fungal language, the global screamscape, a brief seminar of the proper facial expression for catastrophe, the song of a disembodied knee, radio philosophy and other essential audio ephemera. For more info, you can hear wigged theory at gregorywhitehead.com.




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940