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some critical views on art and culture today

sunday june 01, 2008
34-sk, okno-brussels

Since Okno is currently working on a programme about community networks, mesh networks and ecological technology, we are participating in the next issue of 34.sk [theme "telematic networking / imaginary broadcasting / experimental mobility"], investigating possibilities for new critical productions.

For this purpose I proposed a section on structural-institutional culture/art critique, but in a varied and broad sense. This to avoid too long theoretical divertations and rather concentrate on practice. Also we use culture and arts inappropriately as synonymously, with a strong contextual and social level.

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So we can rephrase the idea into a couple of questions:

1. what is institutional critique in arts/culture?
Is there a real critical debate nowadays from within the arts/culture about their own ways of organizing, creating, getting support, involving audience and other participants? How does that relate to certain models and algorithms, theories and artworks? Maybe it is good to start with defining the theme for yourself, since the idea is also to bring together several definitions based on subjective insight.

2. Is there a critical practice in the arts (from literature to computer art) and how is this reflected in the work we are involved in ourselves? Structural critique also can mean the will to change a fundamental structural situation we are involved in within the socio-political sphere, but is there such a practice in general or more specifically to be found? Can this critique be implicit in certain artefacts/activities we know of? This question is meant to bring us back to the real world, to the real area we are talking about and mention explicit works and activities being done there.

3. When we talk about recent media arts, how does the idea of a networked and (presumably) collaborative agency stimulate an innovating critical awareness of oneself and the cultural apparatus we have to deal with while creating? From the good old idea of independent servers to the democratization and involvement factor of setting up socio-cultural communities, supported by open hardware and software, what is happening that changes our views, our actions, from the times the network meant the phone and tv? This question is meant to contribute to a specific new technology, and see what holds and what sinks, or what possibilities it promises us.

Of course it is up to you to fill out the subjects according to (more) important things you are involved in. For instance from art education, cultural places' activities, etc... Make a suggestion, and maybe send asap a kind of idea you want to elaborate on? What is maybe your own critical agenda interests me a lot and secondly a description of other things that are related to it to present it as a collective investigation/exploration.

We are trying to set up a debate about submitted ideas and possible new contributions, and we are also looking for reviews of literature, publications, music and other artworks, of material that would be relevant..

Can you do it? You want to do it? What are you going to do?

You can also make your contribution less linguistic by showing pictures, movies or sound, etc... (up to us to sort out how to print/show that hihi!) just send an email to xgz->societyofalgorithm.org
givan bela, bratislava 1 februar 2008



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very quickly as im not on the internet at home

this is link to the text

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This contribution is an abridged version of the article on MetaMute, avaiilable at: www.metamute.org/en/All-Problems-of-Notation-Will-be-Solved-by-the-Masses

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Egger was born in 1973 and lives in Munich... more



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