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In And Out Of Place

Bojan Fajfric Bukac     print
Today there is no longer an outside.
Now, when we need it most, it is dead.
A victim of its success or failure, swallowed up by the institution it stood against.
Established through self-questioning and self-reflection, analytical tool,
a method of spatial and political criticism.
Articulation that can be applied.

Education, historisation, a questioning what it institutes.

Very act of internalization.

This is your museum of concrete, pretend to be assembled in a matchbox,
collected from culvert, and viaducts, battlefields, threshing floor, basilica, abattoirs,
stones loosened by tanks in the streets.
Legacy of the historical movements,
prior to your entering and succeeding your leave.

(We will obliterate outdated institutions, everything useless and petrified.
Authority isn't threatened than.)

Your museum is built of stone of cromlech and cairn, marble, millstones
and ruins of choirs and shipyards, chipped from cell walls.


Concretion of the body.

Institutions will be abolished, even beheaded?
The weapons of...should be replaced by the?weapons.
Your museum, they say, is built from paving stones from the hands of those who rose against,
stones that had flown through windows,
bridge stones and others to pave and shut up.
Laws of market.
Radical nationalistic reactionary attack, a trend?
Somewhere soft - somewhere hard.
Underprivileged constituency, movement of the body.

Archive of lost objects.

Your museum that swallows lion's share of energies,
limitations that impose a regimen for the selection,
interpretation and judgment,

Suspended glass systems, larger overhangs, thinner roofs, suspended glass systems with pre-stressed cable trusses, transparent surfaces, deflection, steel tubular elements, the cable trusses and the glazed assemblies, non-load bearing elements.

The lightness of the structure.

mixed words
Bojan Fajfric - Bukac

bojan fajfric-bukac
artist living between belgrade and amsterdam




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