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windturbines workshop

wednesday february 20, 2008 – friday february 22, 2008
okno, brussels
Context : Wind Turbines

Okno has planned the deployement of autonomous wireless nodes into the city, and needed some means to feed them in energy. We installed solar pannel in the previous month, and to complete a sustainable hybrid system for our tests, we planned this little workshop for building wind turbine from scratch.

Wind power is cheaper and easier to obtain and transform into electricity with low tech systems than solar photovoltaic pannels. we decided to research some of the simplest dezigns existing, in order to produce easely reproductible windmills by any person in a small workplace. We used DIY attitude as well as recycled materials.

Actually, it exist already a vivid movement of DIY windmills builders, and some have put visible and usefull information on the internet for other to follow. We did our own research, with the help of bartaku, and made a selection of dezign we wanted to test and blend, regarding blade form and generator assembly, in relation with the easely obtainable materials we could have.

strategy and realisations

The strategy was to build multiple models of windturbines, in order to test efficiency and solidity.
We used offset print aluminium sheets and wood.
basicaly, it was derivatives of vertical axis "Savonius" type, 3 where build simple with 2 blades and small bearings, 1 was build using bicycle wheels with 3 blades ("african style"), one was build on the classical windmills toy dezign (the one often seen at sea border in colourful plastics). (see photos)

The savonius ones revealed the most efficient, and the most easy to build (as we thought).

On the last day, we began to build the generator parts from scratch with nuts and bolts, isolated copper wires and neodymium magnets.
This last part has still to be finished, as a wave of colds decimated our ranks during the workshop.

* Pieter Heremans (be)
* Gert Aertsen (be)
* Olivier Meunier/Olm-e (be)
* Annemie Maes (be)
* Isjtar (be)
* Bartaku (be)




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940