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Thin Synch'd Spaces

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friday november 28, 2008 2pm – saturday november 29, 2008 8pm

Interactive visual installation during the Cimatics Festival.
Using image streams on the network, free 3d technologies and video projections, the OKNO studio will transform itself for the visitors. As an experimental setup, this immersive installation is an assemblage of media in a peculiar way, giving to the video a usage of lightning and space/time reconfiguration, fiddling with perspective illusion, light qualities and texture of real and virtual space.
Playing with the open source tools and scriptable realtime systems, some of the data comes from other places, carried by the free wireless network 'reseaucitoyen' across the city, melting together multiple spaces in a virtual reality collage out of time.

The image is composed with 3d planes mapped with hd video, in such a composition it gives the viewer the perspective illusion of a real 3d space. The videos are timelapse films taken at 3 differents places in Brussels, one filming an interior court, a second one filmed train rails and a third filmed the sky and some rooftops. The 3 assembled together show a imaginary landscape, out of time as the speed of the film is 500x the time rate of the viewer and that the films desynchronise and show day and night at the same time ...
This desynchronisation, as well as the landscape composition, make a strange ambiance, where some smooth poetry comes in with the feeling of desembodiement and freedom from the natural elements. The "realism" of the photo-textured 3d is compensed also by the roeghness of the composition, that let show the "trick" of the 3d planes, which does not constrain the viewer movements (you can go throegh the walls).
To visit that peculiar landscape, the viewer comes in front of the big screen, and controls the view in an horizontal plane throegh its body position toward the screen. There is no physical part to wear or to touch, and the feeling of control, at start a little desorienting, become fast "natural" and immersive. And although it is dezigned in a certain idea of a behavior, as it is not intrusive, it lets the viewer play with it and the view with it's own liberty.
As the control is only in 2d, the view was constrained in a 2d plane that was determined by the real cameras viewpoints, and that oriented also the composition of the space. So, the viewpoint is floating sometimes at human height sometime high above the ground, giving some sort of (anti)gravity feeling.

This project was made possible thanks to the developments of the Blender Game Engine, on wich Benoit Bolsee has integrated the "video texture" code of Zdenko Niklas (aka Ashsid).

Doors: 14-20h - free - gratis

Installatie voor het Cimatics-festival.
De OKNO-ruimte wordt getransformeerd door beeldstromen, 3d-technologie en videoprojecties. De bezoeker wordt ondergedompeld in een experimentele set-up die de perceptie verandert van perspectief, licht en textuur en de grens opzoekt tussen het reeele en het virtuele. Het Reseau Citoyen wordt gebruikt om met open source tools de data en karakteristieken van andere plaatsen verspreid over de stad als een collage met de OKNO-ruimte te integreren.




okno --- koolmijnenkaai 30/34 --- 1080 brussels --- belgium --- steklo♥okno.be --- tel +32 2 410 9940